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Jag använder kameran på min HTC lite som en bilddagbok, det är lätt och går snabbt att bläddra igenom albumet och se vad som hänt den senaste tiden.

TIll exempel, en dag som denna då jag svär över is och små snöhögar så kan jag påminna mig om hur det såg ut en eftermiddag utanför jobbet för en månad sen.


Enough is Enough

We’ve had snow since November. They all said it would melt away before x-mas, but it never did. We Have Had Snow Since November. For four months now, there has been one set of colours. Sunny days or cloudy (Mostly cloudy. A thick, thick layer of clouds until the middle of February), the world has been greyish blue and white. Sometimes it’s incredibly beautiful, but in the long run it gets very tiring.

And there are only so many pretty, snowy city landscapes you can photograph before you get a bit bored and wish that the ice would break and some nuance of green to show.

I am done with winter now. So far I’ve had two serious colds, and the flue, and slipped on ice and twisted my back. I’ve been crammed into trains and buses full of smelly, big-and-fluffy-winter-coat wearing people who also all have a cold or the flue. At one point someone threw up on the bus. I’ve been PUSHED OFF the bus two times because someone thought there was no room. Everyone is grumpy and cold, and you almost never see daylight. It’s so cold all the time that the body powers down completely, preserving energy, so you always feel tired and gloomy. Plus, the body thinks you should put more fat on to keep warm and healthy, so you are Always Hungry.

No. I’m done with winter.

Luckily we have vacation planned. Seven weeks to go, then I’ll be in a place With No Snow. I can hardly imagine it. A place with no snow.