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I feel kerplunked

Being plopped down in reality after two weeks of total escapism is rather brutal; work is just as crazy as ever if not more, and right now I feel like I’m part of some sort of weird kerplunk experiment. I am trying to keep positive and do things in a steady pace and not get stressed out but cheez, sometimes I feel like it’s impossible to do a really good job. Sometimes I suspect my standards are too high, maybe it’s not healthy to care so much.

Anyway, there’s a lot going on on the home front right now, I’ll try to write a bit more about that later. But, for one thing, I moved out my Xbox the other day… However, I’ve figured out that I’ll have some time left to try out Rift, so I’m picking up my copy today. I’m getting a buddy pack… You never know, I might get Jed to try it out. See you on Argent!

Enough is Enough

We’ve had snow since November. They all said it would melt away before x-mas, but it never did. We Have Had Snow Since November. For four months now, there has been one set of colours. Sunny days or cloudy (Mostly cloudy. A thick, thick layer of clouds until the middle of February), the world has been greyish blue and white. Sometimes it’s incredibly beautiful, but in the long run it gets very tiring.

And there are only so many pretty, snowy city landscapes you can photograph before you get a bit bored and wish that the ice would break and some nuance of green to show.

I am done with winter now. So far I’ve had two serious colds, and the flue, and slipped on ice and twisted my back. I’ve been crammed into trains and buses full of smelly, big-and-fluffy-winter-coat wearing people who also all have a cold or the flue. At one point someone threw up on the bus. I’ve been PUSHED OFF the bus two times because someone thought there was no room. Everyone is grumpy and cold, and you almost never see daylight. It’s so cold all the time that the body powers down completely, preserving energy, so you always feel tired and gloomy. Plus, the body thinks you should put more fat on to keep warm and healthy, so you are Always Hungry.

No. I’m done with winter.

Luckily we have vacation planned. Seven weeks to go, then I’ll be in a place With No Snow. I can hardly imagine it. A place with no snow.

“Hey, I have a crazy idea, why don’t we…”

What can be a better project than when your friend makes a dress and wants it photographed, and you want to attempt to take some portraits? A very good match, I think, since I need the practice. Sara made this very cool dress in white and grey, and since we have these heaps of snow in Sweden right now, we decided to take the photos outside (yes, she’s a viking).

We had a day off from work so we met for tea to warm up first, and then went for a walk through the park to find some good spots. It was very cloudy, but I thought that would be a good thing, with no sharp shadows and all that. Of course, the second we set our feet outside the door, an actual snowstorm breaks out (Seriously, trains derailed, cars drove off the roads, people could not get home to their families). I had to wrap my camera in a kitchen towel. Sara had ice running down her face. And then she had to take her coat off for the shots. Ahem.

I have to say that it was sort of hard to concentrate when wet, icy snow was blowing straight in my face and my best friend was standing without her coat on in a veritable blizzard. But here are some of the shots:

Winter is coming

First snow has fallen in Stockholm. It’s OCTOBER! It feels to soon, but lovely, it started getting really muddy and grey and boring, so snow is very hopeful. Yes, I remember last year; it was so cold I thought I would never get warm again, the end of winter seemed so far away, but I also met Jed, and life got brighter and warmer and more hopeful by default.

My apartment is getting colder every day, the cat is starting to preserve warmth (well, he found a new spot in the bed from which he scarcely move,  and it seems more cosy than any other place in the apartment, and it’s on my side, just by my pillow, so I have to carefully crawl into bed from the other side of the bed every  night, so I don’t disturbe the cat…).

I am making christmas cards. And I am planning christmas gifts. I just don’t want to be doing all that last minute again, this year. If I could wish for something it would be a really long, relaxed, heartfelt December and a nice and calm christmas with lot’s of joy and good little pressies for my family. It’s all about planning, peeps!