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In the middle of the pouring rain


Rainy Friday morning. I overslept. Got woken up by the cat. Got mad at the cat for being noisy. Discovered that I had overslept by an hour. Scolded the cat for not being able to tell time better. Gave cat cuddles and said sorry.

This is the kind of day when you sit at home in you pyjamas and play Rift. And drink lot’s and lot’s of tea. Being a grownup sucks sometimes.

Shit My Boyfriend Says

I got a buddy pack and now Boyfriend is trying it out. Mostly for my sake. This really is not the kind of game he usually plays.

Me: “Hun, it’s getting sort of late, I’m going to bed”
BF: *frenetically punches the keyboard*
Me: “It’s after midnight and…”
BF: “I know  I KNOOOW!” *swats with his hand, keep punching all his buttons*


As I go to bed I hear snippets of frustration:

“Why won’t it…?!”
“And who the fuck are you?!”
“And why is he on a fucking turtle?!”

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I feel kerplunked

Being plopped down in reality after two weeks of total escapism is rather brutal; work is just as crazy as ever if not more, and right now I feel like I’m part of some sort of weird kerplunk experiment. I am trying to keep positive and do things in a steady pace and not get stressed out but cheez, sometimes I feel like it’s impossible to do a really good job. Sometimes I suspect my standards are too high, maybe it’s not healthy to care so much.

Anyway, there’s a lot going on on the home front right now, I’ll try to write a bit more about that later. But, for one thing, I moved out my Xbox the other day… However, I’ve figured out that I’ll have some time left to try out Rift, so I’m picking up my copy today. I’m getting a buddy pack… You never know, I might get Jed to try it out. See you on Argent!