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My Silver Lomo

Self Portraits Florence 2011
Self Portrait, Florence 2011

Back in 2009 I got myself a Lomo LC-A, and I love it to death. I love the immediacy, the shoot-from-the hip mentality, the ever varying results regarding light and colour and sharpness. I love the fact that you can never really know what the image is going to look like. Processing a film is always a surprise. Some images look like crap, and some will be incredibly deep in colour in a sort of eerie way that I can’t explain. It’s a bit of nostalgia, I think, having an analogue, plastic little point-and-shoot. And because it takes you a second to raise it up and shoot (no beeps, no lights, no autofocus), and because you acknowledge imperfection, sometimes you catch moments that you would normally miss. I always bring it with me on trips as an extra backup camera, and I keep bringing back a different perspective.

But that was just the background to this post, really…

As some might have noticed I love cameras and photography a lot. It’s sort of a dear hobby of mine. So, when Jed announced that he was going to make me a silver pendant in the shape of a camera I got very SQUEEEEEE and excited! I wasn’t sure what the result would be though, and I tried to give some hints on how to use the silver clay, but all in all he made this thing by hand all on his own.

And I can’t believe HOW CUTE IT IS! I mean, come on, LOOK AT IT! It’s a teeny tiny Lomo for heaven’s sake!

I love it. I will cherish it until my dying breath. I mean, it’s one thing to buy your woman some bling bling, but to make something like this is just extra awesome. And he always is. Awesome.

Handmade Silver Lomo Pendant

Handmade Silver Lomo Pendant

I Love My Silver Pendants

So, last year Jed sent me to a PMC class, something I’d be wanting to do for the longest time. And, I went back. And, I will go back again, when I have the opportunity to. Now, I make my own silver jewellery.I cannot begin to describe how it felt when I could finally custom my own pieces. It was something I’d been longing to do for a very long time.

You can find some of my work here in my store.

Thank you for dropping by!

Achievement Unlocked: Too Many Hobbies

There is one material I’ve been desperate to try, and that is silver clay. I spent a lot of time last year googling and ogling over projects and trying to figure out how it works, what you need to burn it properly. With the prices on PMC (precious metal clay) it’s not something one experiment with without a little research.

So Jed went and got me a basic class in silver clay jewellery for my birthday (!), and I finally got to try it out a few weeks ago.  It was nothing less than totally awesome; I want to do it AGAIN. Can’t believe I thought it’d be complicated, it was easy and fun and the result felt very rewarding. At the risk of completely ruining myself I think I added another hobby to my list. Well, what can you do? It’s shiny.

With the 9 grams of clay that was included in the course I made two pendants, same shape and applications on both:

And as a reference to size, this is me wearing the larger one of the two:

If you ever thought of trying making something with silver clay, I can really recommend it. The uses of that material seem endless, as the ideas you get when you start working with it. Google silver clay. Do it.

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