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Old Home New Home, part 1

A lot has been going on the last couple of months. Since February? Since X-mas? It started out so much smaller, just a wish to sort my place out and making it less encumbered, more organised, more like a home. I started sorting through my basement last year, sorted through my books and gave half my stuff away to goodwill, and Jed built some shelves for me for better storage and it sort of moved on from there. I found a great little sink for my bathroom and Jed helped me install it, and it looked great, and my apartment stated looking great. Then we were suddenly looking at apartments, just for fun, you know, we weren’t in any hurry or anything. Until suddenly we were, because suddenly we had a PLAN. I threw out a lot more of my stuff, and did a lot more DIY and packed a lot of boxes.

I realised that I’ve spent over 13 years living in one specific area in Stockholm. That’s a long time. Actually, it’s most of my life as an adult. I remember when I moved away from home, and this area was the promised land; everything was new and exciting and even the tiny crappy grocery store on the corner was awesome. This area is so familiar to me now that it’s sort of meta. I walk the same routes every day, shop in the same store, I know the time table for the buses and the subway by heart and even though the area evolves and changes, just as my life has, it’s still all so very… constant. Continual. Same same, but different, you know?

But I’m moving now. I have sold my old apartment. It feels a bit sad, and at the same time it feels like a relief. I love my home, but I’m done. It’s old and full of charm and personality, but it is also very cold in the winter and filled with way to much baggage. Out with the old, in with the new. Good riddance.

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I’m Not Dead


I’ve been quiet for a while, but that does not mean nothing’s up. It’s exactly the opposite! Sadly, most of the things that are up are day job related, so I can’t talk much about it here. Not that it’s that interesting anyway, to be honest. But I’ve haven’t had much time for anything else.

I’ve started so many posts lately and realized they’ve all been about the weather, the winter or how tired I am. I even bored myself, writing them, so I just didn’t post anything. Maybe it’s not so strange that those subjects are on my mind so much; it’s been a long winter and everyone seems to be on their last stretch, conserving the last ounces of energy before spring.

But we’ve come to a point when sunrise doesn’t happen AFTER I go to work and sunset before I leave. It’s March! March IS a spring month, even if it doesn’t know it.

Spring means more natural light, which is good for any aspiring photograph, and I am itching to dig in to some of the portrait ideas I have planned. Some of my friends have already been courteous enough to agree to let me use them as guinea pigs (thanks guys!). Generally I just want to get out and practice, and I’m thinking I should just make a list and focus on one thing a time (like: use only this specific lens one day, or try reflecting light for a couple of shots, or panning and motion, etc). Some day down the road I hope I will actually have more confidence, and specifically more control, when I take photos.

Enough is Enough

We’ve had snow since November. They all said it would melt away before x-mas, but it never did. We Have Had Snow Since November. For four months now, there has been one set of colours. Sunny days or cloudy (Mostly cloudy. A thick, thick layer of clouds until the middle of February), the world has been greyish blue and white. Sometimes it’s incredibly beautiful, but in the long run it gets very tiring.

And there are only so many pretty, snowy city landscapes you can photograph before you get a bit bored and wish that the ice would break and some nuance of green to show.

I am done with winter now. So far I’ve had two serious colds, and the flue, and slipped on ice and twisted my back. I’ve been crammed into trains and buses full of smelly, big-and-fluffy-winter-coat wearing people who also all have a cold or the flue. At one point someone threw up on the bus. I’ve been PUSHED OFF the bus two times because someone thought there was no room. Everyone is grumpy and cold, and you almost never see daylight. It’s so cold all the time that the body powers down completely, preserving energy, so you always feel tired and gloomy. Plus, the body thinks you should put more fat on to keep warm and healthy, so you are Always Hungry.

No. I’m done with winter.

Luckily we have vacation planned. Seven weeks to go, then I’ll be in a place With No Snow. I can hardly imagine it. A place with no snow.

Bloody Monday Recap

It’s bloody Monday again and as usual the weekend was at least one day too short, I hardly had time to enjoy the daylight. Right now it’s still dark when I go to work and dark when I go home, but in just 2 weeks at least there will be a bit of light in the horizon at 7:30 am, and it’s almost silly how much I’m looking forward to that. I need light to wake up. In other words, I don’t wake up properly during the darkest months because I don’t get any daylight. That’s life working in a bunker for ya.

I was going to post a neat chart on the daylight hours in Stockholm through the year, but then realised that maybe few people would find that as interesting as I do…

So, here’s a bloody recap of general stuff that’s been going on:

Very little time for gaming last week, I think I logged on to EQ2 once to check my sales! I want to play Dragonage again and also have a bundle of games I need to finish on the X-box, I haven’t even opened my copy of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. But, Jed finally started playing New Vegas and that looks awesome. Seems to be a game that sucks you in with a lot of details. Many scorpions have been shot. I love the pet bot, E-de. Reminds me of playing my fixer in Anarchy Online.

Still have two eps left of Genious of Photography, I want to see them NOOW. But I don’t know when I’ll have time next. Am scouring the net for good little vids about photography. Any tips?

I saw one! “Due Date” with Robert Downey Jr. So much better than I expected, not at all as cliché as you’d think a road movie would be. Worth it.

Listening to:
“Tears and Laughter” by Tall Tree 6ft Man.
And some Colin Hay and Muse and Amanda Palmer.

Misantropic topic:
People who try to give you a problem to solve but they don’t really know what the problem is, they just don’t want to deal with it. Deal with it!

Searching for Cartier-Bresson’s “The Decisive moment” and found a copy on Amazon for 800 DOLLARS. Yeah… not getting that one. Wonder if I can find it as an e-book. Just started part two in the Scott Kelby series about digital photography. Looking forward to more tips about travel photos and portraits. Talked to my dad about the books last week and we discussed actually doing little assignments. I need to start mailing my dad more.

Bad conscience:
I need to start mailing my dad more. I have loads of photos to show him!

Crafty things:
Went on my silver clay course last week and made a wicked pendant that I love. It really was right down my alley. Bit scary working with such an expensive material though. But the end result was very shiny and satisfying. I will definitely start investing in that hobby, but first I want to get some traveling done this spring.

Things I want to do soon-ish:
Try a couple of new recipes. Take some nice photos of the things I cooked. Sort my old photos (I have paper copies form the age of 8 and onwards, yay…).


Plans & Links

It’s Friday and the weekend is oh so close, with the glimmering promise of FREE TIME to spend on fun and frivolous  things like photography and gaming and crafting (and washing and cleaning and all the chores… bah). I thought I’d get the “bring my camera outside at least once this week” deal done today, to start the weekend off. At least it’s an excuse to drink some coffee. Tomorrow it’s off to the photo store to print out some copies for various projects and then hopefully I get to spend some time out in the daylight with my boo. Also I need to get a UV filter for my zoom lens, while I’m in the area.

I only have two episodes left of BBC’s “Genious of Photography”, and I really want to watch the last two but at the same time I don’t, because I don’t really want it to end. I’ll have to find some more documentary’s to watch.

Project-wise I’m adding tings to my list, that’s not very hard. Plenty of ideas floating around out there, so to sum up I’m posting random links that caught my interest:

Annars är man bara

Jag lovar att jag ska med mig min kamera någonstans minst en gång denna vecka.

Alltså, ta den med mig ut ur lägenheten och använda den någon annanstans än i mitt eget hem. Det är allt för lätt att lämna den hemma till vardags, men måste det alltid vara specifika tillfällen för att man ska komma ihåg att ta den med sig? Visst, skulle zombieinvasionen komma och man skulle behöva dokumentera detta för efterkommande generationer (om det blir några över) har man ju alltid sin smart phone…

Öva öva öva, det är ju det enda som hjälper. Öva och förskaffa sig en vana att öva och utöva. Man kan läsa sig massor av teori och läsa på nätet och låta sig inspireras, men själva utövandet då? Hur ska man annars veta att man blir bättre? KAN man veta att man blir bättre? Tänk om man inte blir bättre? Vem vet, om man inte får arslet ur vagnen.

Annars blir man ju en sån som läser på men aldrig gör’t. Annars är man bara en liten zombie.