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I feel like a technical genius


Right, day 2 of this seminar will be over in a couple of hours, and I am feeling quite intelligent. I mean, I’m sitting in a room with a bunch of guys that’s been in the business for years and I’m still in the race. Never underestimate how much you learn about a system when helping stressed out customers for a couple of years. I managed to program some pretty nifty macros. I’m thinking also that having a basic understanding for programming gives me a head start over the dudes who are more used to wire bending and old button pushing.

I’m really not that technical


Still I find myself on a very technical 2-day seminar and I’m getting stuff. I guess having a dad and brother in the business counts for something. Plus having spent 3 years talking to technicians and installers on the phone, listening to them mumbling, swearing and trouble shooting because they had no one else to talk to.

I’m actually enjoying this. Damn.