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Bloody Monday

Hello world and happy frikkin’ Monday! I haven’t done a Bloody Monday recap in a while, and there’s a lot going on, so I thought I’d sit down and sort of try to feel organised and such. Bam!






  • Every xmas I get nostalgic about my one true MMORPG-love: Everquest 2. So, of course I’ve pottered about doing loads of xmas content this time as well. With both accounts. And I started a little Ratonga Beast Master. So… 11 characters and counting…
  • Xbox Kinect: Got a Kienct for Jed for xmas, and it’s great fun! Every time I use it I’m a bit amazed by how well it works. My mum got one from dad with a Zumba game, need to go over there and try it out :) We tried some Zumba on xmas eve but couldn’t keep it up for long, we were laughing to hard. We’re playing the fitness game a lot these days, believe it or not, it’s actually quite fun.


  • I watched the documentary The Dungeon Masters (available here).  I used to be in some RP-groups a long time ago and know a lot of people who are still very active both in gaming groups and as larpers, so a lot of the content felt very familiar. The documentary follow three individuals and their connection to the game Dungeons & Dragons. It covers their D&D life, but soon we get to follow their struggles in their personal life as well, and how they deal with them.
  • I watched Black Swan with Natalie Portman. It creeped me out. Quite liked the buildup of the story and how the insanity followed the story in the actual ballet. Clever.
  • We went to the movies and saw the English version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I think they did a good job. As the characters was introduced I started grinning to myself because I knew what would happen in the end and how well, for instance, Stellan Skarsgård was casted for his role. It was WEIRD though to see it in a Swedish setting, and having the characters suddenly say “Skål!” (“Cheers” in Swedish).


  • I am hugely into Tim Minchin right now. His lyrics cheer me up.

Projects 2012:

  • I have embarked on a project to create something every day. Just before xmas I found this book called 365: A Daily Creativity Journal by Noah Scalin. It’s a year’s worth of prompts, with room to make notes and plans or doodles, and I think it’s pretty neat. I don’t follow the prompts blindly, though, if I have another idea I will jump on that instead. Read my initial blogpost over at Jen&Tricks here. So far so good, I have done something creative every day this year. It’s all being documented in my crafting blog, so if you want to see what I’ve done so far, this is a link for that category on that blog.
  • One Photo a Day: I’ve committed myself to take at least one photo of my everyday life, every single day this year. It can be taken with whatever camera I have handy; my 60D, my phone, my lomo, my fisheye, it doesn’t matter. I decided to do this because of several things: I noticed that last year I took a lot of random photos with my phone, and flicking through them has been a bit like looking through a diary. Also, last year’s Week in the Life made me want MORE, I like documenting my life. Also, I now have this big old book I plan to use for the documentation. The result I hope for is some sort of comprehensive documentation of my life where I can highlight the positive things in my life and see some sort of progress.
  • Self-portraits: I’ve also joined Urban Muser’s project “in the picture”, a self-portrait endeavour, and I hope that by the end of the year I will have taken 12 pictures of myself. This is also in the interest of progress, but also I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes, further down the line, it’s actually nice to have some photos of yourself. January’s theme is “a piece of me”.


  • I was a bit surprised to find my little shop to be almost empty after xmas. The things I’ve put up there are things I love myself, so of course it makes my heart happy when other people like them too! Just the other week someone ordered one of my favourite items, the Plastic Fantastic Pony Earrings. So, right now I’m working on getting some more stuff up there. I have quite a few pieces I just haven’t had time to post, mostly my PMC silver pendants.

Other stuff I’ve done recently that I approve of:

Bloody Monday Butterfly Effect

I think Mondays are a never ending Butterfly Effect. Once upon a time in China a butterfly had a really bad Monday, and now it’s spreading around the world in waves, making every Monday in every country a bit crappy. Stupid butterflies.

A weekly recap to cheer myself up

In the papers:
I got interviewed by Anders Mildner a while ago, about the photo boom that is currently going on. The article is in Swedish, and can be found in the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan. Funny thing is that he used a few of my pics, one of them of Sixxten, my cat. He is now an important celebrity in the Swedish cat community. Meow!

Random fun thing that happened:
I was taking a picture of a building in town and a man I never met before runs up to me and starts talking about taking photos. He asks me to take a picture of him and his girlfriend and send to him.

Third book in Kelby’s series about digital photography. Still loads of good tips. I’m stil reading the crappy Swedish translation, but  it feels like the short texts on each page contain more of the good stuff and less of the fluff.

We saw The King’s Speech. I don’t regret it. Behind that image of Mr Darcy, Colin Firth is very talented and does not always have to rely on that charm of his. I liked the footage as well. Very clever, very conflict oriented. Gave me some ideas.

Listening to:
The Postal Service. Happy blippy bloppy music. Just what I need.

Misantropic Fuel
Boys say: We have no hand sanitizer in our bathroom
Girls say: Not to worry, there are more in the cupboard
Boys say: Oh! Great!
*Boys steal the hand sanitizer from the girls bathroom instead*
*Girls get new hand sanitizer for their bathroom from the cupboard*

Inte Helt Överraskande Måndag

Inte helt överraskande blev det måndag igen, och inte helt överraskande blev den så som måndagar i allmänhet blir: ganska tråkig, ganska dålig, ganska deppig. Saker har hänt under dagen som har fått mig på otroligt dåligt humör, jag blir så trött på all idioti och fjantiga, ogenomtänkta kommentarer och smaklösa skämt. Helst skulle jag vilja hitta en stor säck att ta ut mina aggressioner på. Ovanpå det finns det vissa saker som känns väldigt otydliga och ovissa, och det gör mig ledsen och frustrerad. Saker känns helt enkelt inte så stabila.

Sen kunde man ju hoppas att kvällstidningarnas eviga spådomar om vädret kunde slå in… ”En veckas vargvinter men sen blir det mildare!”. Hallå… Det är inte ens februari ännu! Få mig inte att hoppas i onödan! Är trött på att halka runt och frysa och vara trött.

Lyssnar på just nu:
Det blir en hel del Foof. Fick ju tag på biljetter till juni, woot! När jag är på lugnare humör blir det Lisa Hannigan.

Tittar på:
Klar med fotodokumentären och råkade se första avsnittet av BBC’s miniserie Sherlock Holmes. Hur de lyckats få det att kännas så traditionellt och ändå så modernt och originellt är något jag inte förstår, men bra är det! Läste om böckerna många gånger i mellanstadiet, kan vara dags att läsa dem igen?

”Kreativ Fotografering med Rätt Exponering” av Bryan Peterson. Lagom intressant, lagom teknisk. Går igenom de olika kombinationerna mellan slutartid och bländare för vad han kallar en ”kreativ, korrekt exponering”, och tar upp en del matnyttiga saker. Det som dock stör mig är att han beskriver en bestämd uppfattning om vad som är just kreativt och estetiskt tilltalande. Det förtar liksom lite hela tanken med boken, tycker jag. Bara för att man KAN få ett pariserhjul att se ut som en självlysande godisklubba betyder inte det att alla tycker det är den mest kreativa exponering, eller?

Bloody Monday Recap

It’s bloody Monday again and as usual the weekend was at least one day too short, I hardly had time to enjoy the daylight. Right now it’s still dark when I go to work and dark when I go home, but in just 2 weeks at least there will be a bit of light in the horizon at 7:30 am, and it’s almost silly how much I’m looking forward to that. I need light to wake up. In other words, I don’t wake up properly during the darkest months because I don’t get any daylight. That’s life working in a bunker for ya.

I was going to post a neat chart on the daylight hours in Stockholm through the year, but then realised that maybe few people would find that as interesting as I do…

So, here’s a bloody recap of general stuff that’s been going on:

Very little time for gaming last week, I think I logged on to EQ2 once to check my sales! I want to play Dragonage again and also have a bundle of games I need to finish on the X-box, I haven’t even opened my copy of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. But, Jed finally started playing New Vegas and that looks awesome. Seems to be a game that sucks you in with a lot of details. Many scorpions have been shot. I love the pet bot, E-de. Reminds me of playing my fixer in Anarchy Online.

Still have two eps left of Genious of Photography, I want to see them NOOW. But I don’t know when I’ll have time next. Am scouring the net for good little vids about photography. Any tips?

I saw one! “Due Date” with Robert Downey Jr. So much better than I expected, not at all as cliché as you’d think a road movie would be. Worth it.

Listening to:
“Tears and Laughter” by Tall Tree 6ft Man.
And some Colin Hay and Muse and Amanda Palmer.

Misantropic topic:
People who try to give you a problem to solve but they don’t really know what the problem is, they just don’t want to deal with it. Deal with it!

Searching for Cartier-Bresson’s “The Decisive moment” and found a copy on Amazon for 800 DOLLARS. Yeah… not getting that one. Wonder if I can find it as an e-book. Just started part two in the Scott Kelby series about digital photography. Looking forward to more tips about travel photos and portraits. Talked to my dad about the books last week and we discussed actually doing little assignments. I need to start mailing my dad more.

Bad conscience:
I need to start mailing my dad more. I have loads of photos to show him!

Crafty things:
Went on my silver clay course last week and made a wicked pendant that I love. It really was right down my alley. Bit scary working with such an expensive material though. But the end result was very shiny and satisfying. I will definitely start investing in that hobby, but first I want to get some traveling done this spring.

Things I want to do soon-ish:
Try a couple of new recipes. Take some nice photos of the things I cooked. Sort my old photos (I have paper copies form the age of 8 and onwards, yay…).


Bloody Monday

It’s Monday, I’m officially well again after being home with the plague for a week. Unofficially I’m still far from well; lungs hurt, I cough, I sneeze, I limp, I breathe (ha that almost rhymed). I think that I am one of the main sponsors of our local chemist (see evidence below). But I’m out of the house and working again, and that feels great.

In the Stockholm region all the snow has started to melt. We’ve had a LOT of snow. This now means that every street is basically made of melting ice, with a top layer of icy water. It’s a death trap that will weed out the week. I did NOT fall on my way to work. This is a triumph. I’m making a note here: huge success.

It’s a bloody Monday like any other and I like to cheer myself up with a bit of a list/update about what’s going on, to  prove to myself that yes, I have a life and yes, I’m doing stuff (might be hard, considering I couldn’t leave my apartment for a week).

Listening to:
Amanda Palmer’s “Map of Tasmania”. To quote: “OH – MY – GAWD” *rocks out!*

BBC’s “Genious of Photography” series. Six episodes (one hour a pop) about the history of photography with some of the most important images and movements, from the birth of photography and forward. It’s awesome (and you can find it all on Youtube).

Crafty plans:
Taking a basic course in silver clay tomorrow (yay!). I am SO glad I’m feeling well enough now, if I couldn’t go my heart would’ve been broken.

Me & Digital Rebel:
I have a lot of ideas for things to shoot. With my camera. I feel I need to plan and be a bit more structured so that I actually follow through. Because I need to practice, dammit! So, make a plan and set a date…  Other than my Grand Evil Plans I want to practice panning, so I need to fins something that runs around a lot. Cats, boyfriends, friend’s dogs, drunk midgets (i.e. kids), all suggestions welcome. I think I need to get outside and find stuff, really. Trains? Cars? (Boring?).

Linkylinky, go see:

Well, Monday, we meet again

I’m pretty sure it’s a mass-psychoses of some sort, I mean, it’s just a regular day like all the rest. But Mondays royally suck, and it sucks for almost everybody. Even if you have a couple of good Mondays in a row, the next time something crappy happens on a Monday, we shrug and whine and say: “Bloody Monday!”. It’s easy to put the blame on the Monday. Maybe it’s just how we project, maybe we just MAKE Mondays bad all on our own accord, but in the end: Mondays, especially the mornings, are dreadful.

Probably this is it: If you constantly find yourself looking forward to Monday mornings you are either incredibly lucky to love your life and what you do through and through, or you are slightly mad.

This was my Monday morning: I wake up after having slept about two hours. The other hours I spent coughing my lungs out, and trying not to puke. I finally get comfortable at about 6.30 am but then of course it’s time to get up for work. I pop a couple of aspirins in hope of getting rid of my fever. I begin what is a 40 minute journey with tube and bus to work, trying not to get shoved around by people who just HAVE to lean on me to make a point. I get it. The tube is full. We ALL get it. Pushing me around will not make it less full. Asshat! On top of this all the frikkin’ snow has started to melt but then froze again, making all the sidewalks into a Death on Ice show. I slip around and twist my back and am now walking like the Wicked Witch with arthritis. At work I take two more aspirins, but the fever won’t go down. The inbox is crammed with issues that will take a lot more energy than I have today, and I’m feeling more and more nauseous. Good start, Monday, good start. Thanks.

Frikkin’ Monday Madness. Trying to cheer myself up with some happy thoughts and good plans and structure:

Gaming, PC:
Well they extended the x-mas event in Everquest2, fortunately. I had some odds and ends left I wanted to do but never got the opportunity when they crashed the entire thing during the last patch. So I put a couple of hours in this weekend and got the gear I wanted for some of my characters. I still can’t help playing that game, even though they keep changing it in a direction that’s not really for me. We’ll see what happens after the expansion comes out in February. After the big hoopla when they opened up the forums for the closed beta by mistake, some info leaked out that didn’t particularly please the player base. But it just feels so hard to abandon my toons after playing them for the best of six years. *sniff*

I also would like to play through “Dragon Age: Origins” again, I never did all the downloadable content, and the sequel is due very soon.

Gaming, X-box:
More or less finished Fable III but have a lot of achievements I want to get, still. Also would like to have a Halo marathon and play through all the games. On top of that I need to finish “Assassin’s Creed II” so I can pop my copy of “Brotherhood” in. I think my X-box needs it. It craves it.

The Music Situation:
I found my old and battered MP3-player with a 6-12 months old playlist on it. It’s like a tiny time capsule, really. Loads of Psapp, Muse and Three Days Grace. Also found myself listening to Analog Pussy again. Good when writing.

Fuel for my misanthropic attitude:
People that treat all the people around them as dummies and pawns. Don’t shove me. Seriously.

Reading right now:
“The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Book”, Martin Evening. It’s heavy. And I mean literally. My wrists hurt.

Well, that was my 5 minutes of whining for the day. May the force be with you.

Monday Madness

First Monday of the year. X-mas is over, guys, it’s time to clean out all the tinsel and glitter and crap. In Sweden there’s a tradition to do this on the 13th of January, but I always figure, why wait? The party is over. Bring out the new year.

Mondays always sucks, this according to a treasured, worldwide tradition, and so the first Monday in a new year must suck more than usual, right? After (hopefully) having had a couple of days off, eating too much good food and drunk too much good wine, and slouching off with your lover man, you get back to work. The fridge is full of rotting food that the shift workers left behind after the holidays. You inbox is crammed with frickin’ emails from whiny people who can’t think or act for themselves. All your co-workers are equally pissed off that it’s the frickin’ first Monday of the new year.

Well, now is the time to go to your happy place. If you don’t have a happy place, go zen on your own ass. There are situations and people that you can’t change, and that’s ok. It’s not the end of the world. You will not die. After work, go home, have a glass of wine and just don’t think about the idiots. I don’t have better any advice than that.

When I walk into the icy wall that is the dark and arctic January of both bones and soul (gee…) what I do to get some peace of mind is to plan and organize. Even if I don’t follow through, I still like to have a plan, I make lists about everything. Photo projects I want to do, food I want to cook, games I want to play. I even plan how to level up my characters in Everquest2 (I wish I could plan my own career as efficiently). It’s sort of like making a hundred new year’s resolutions that you don’t intend to keep, but if you get one of them right that’s still something. I just like a bit of structure, even if I don’t follow it.

So here’s a sort of mashed up Monday Madness update/plan:

Game of the moment: Everquest 2
My ongoing vice since 6 years back. Sure, I have tried a lot of other MMORPG’s, but I always come back to this one. Right now I’m trying to get as much X-mas gear as possible for my toons before the event runt out on the 6th of January. Also, I have been crafting like a mad woman, since itäs been double XP for a couple of days. Grind grind grind!

Music to my ears:
All of Robyn’s Body Talk albums, and boyfriend’s made up songs about my cat and our car rides.

Fuel for my misanthropic attitude:
People who walks out right in front of cars when there are so much snow that the cars can hardly break in time.

Reading right now: The Digital Photography Book (part 1) by Scott Kelby
X-mas gifts from my mum and dad.

It is rather well known by now, and a little bit like Photography for dummies: easy and quick to read, simple language, simple explanations. Basically it’s a whole bunch of good tricks and techniques that professional photographers use. Some things feels very obvious but some of them have been quite helpful. What I like besides the good tips on composition and light, is the fact that he mentions (often expensive) equipment that could really help you out and why, but also brings up really affordable alternatives. Plus, he’s ironic and funny.