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The Day of Defeat Christmas Bauble

Just wanted to share this real quick before I get the urge to rip down anything Xmassy.

I made a lot of decorations for Christmas and since this was our first Christmas together in our new home, I wanted to make one as a little gift for Jed. He used to work as a freelance 3D model maker for Day of Defeat (WWII Half-Life mod), and so I made this Christmas tree bauble with a DoD theme. It looks great in the tree and I’m looking forward to unpacking it and hanging it up for years to come!

It’s Not Cheating

In Sweden it’s pretty common to decorate the Christmas tree the day before Christmas eve. That’s what we’ve always done in our family at least. But then Jed said that they do it much earlier in the UK. And I really like Christmas. It’s sentimental, I know. But I really like it. So who am I to say we have to wait? I really need Christmas this year, I need some cheering up. And Jed got us this tree, which I decorated last night. The cat loves it too (he chews on it from time to time when he feels peckish). Also, I made a Halo bauble. And a Day of Defeat bauble (I’ll try and put up a picture later). That’s the upside of being a crafty geek! So, pretty cool tree, all in all, I think.

NaNoWriMo on my Doorstep

Okay folks, this is not a drill. It’s just a few hours until midnight, until November, and with it NaNoWriMo.

I gotta say; I’ve tried this thing for many years now in any way possible, it feels like I’ve been trying to cure a severe case of the hiccups (“No, you should try and write it upside down, that should do it!”). I’ve written in Swedish, I’ve written in English, I’ve mixed the two up completely. I’ve tried planning everything to the nail, and I’ve gone all Lord of the Flies on my arse and not planned anything at all. I’ve written by hand, I’ve written in Notepad, and I’ve used some sort of software. Night time, daytime, chocolate, wine, electrical shortage, network outage, theme music from action movies and dramas, instrumental, opera, utter silence. Many tries and only one “win”, and even then it wasn’t all that great, mostly just poop on a page (or many pages, although, I’ve never actually printed any of it out, so it’s digital… oh, never mind).

The word count has varied a great deal every year. 10k, 25, 37… and that one time I actually finished. One unusually grim November I wrote three pages (but when I look back at them I sort of like them, so I don’t mind).

For me it’s always been a lot about just starting, just writing, and if I make it I make it. But anything I produce is most probably more than I usually write in a month nowadays, if you only count creative writing and storytelling.

This year I have my notebook full of almost unreadable scribbles of about 7-8 different stories and characters. As I flipped through them today I felt a bit downhearted. Use one of them? Come up with something new? No plot, no problem, right? Also, I realised I could basically base all the characters loosely on an aspect of myself. Slightly unnerving (“Write what you know!” screams my inner editor in the voice of Joey’s agent in “Friends”… why is that?!).

Then I had that completely wonderful moment when I saw a very specific theme in all of them and suddenly I saw no problem using ALL of them all at once.

Go me.

So that’s what I’ll do. All my little characters can come play. Nobody have to feel left out. Although at least one of them will get killed off, of course.

Hey, this is 414 words already, can I use them?

Collected (Photo Sunday Challenge)

In the midst of all the moving trauma (Boxes everywhere! Too few boxes! Bank loans!) I took the time to do a quick photo challenge for this weeks theme for the Swedish Flickr group Fotosöndag (Photo Sunday). This week the theme was “Samlad”, which could be translated as “Collected”. It took me a couple of days to come up with an idea. All I could think about was that all my earthly belongings were collected in a storage unit down the free way. And I wasn’t very inspired by the thought of photographing an entire mountain of brown boxes. But then I started thinking about how people collect things they think are beautiful, like different specimens of colourful butterflies and such, and I wanted to recreate that somehow.

This was the end result, that I posted on Flickr:


Collected: Best Friend
Click to enlarge picture



This is what you need to take this picture:

  • Best friend who doesn’t mind to try and help with your rather fuzzy and crazy visions
  • Also best friend is very crafty and can make pretty antennae from pretty paper

  • Understanding boyfriend who doesn’t mind getting kicked out of his work space because it happens to have a glass door

  • Leafy overgrown flower bed outside your door where you can steal some greens
  • Frilly white kiddy umbrella from the toy store to tape on your floor lamp in futile attempt to create some sort of diffused lighting
  • Also, every type of movable light source you can find in your entire home


It really wasn’t an easy shoot for a happy amateur like me. The rain was pouring outside, there was little natural light, getting any sort of focus through the glass was hard, and so on. But we had a lot of fun, and that’s the best thing about all this! I have so many funny shots of Sara, she makes the best facial expressions! Here is a another shot I really like:




Other themes for Photo Sunday:

Hope (Photo Sunday)

I finally had a chance to take some photographs this week, other than during our vacation I don’t feel like I’ve had time to pick up my camera for months now. The Swedish Flickr group Fotosöndag (Photo Sunday) had set a new great new theme for this week, “Hopp”, which can be translated to either “Hope” or “Jump”. I got a rather clear vision on what shot I wanted, but I’m utter crap at describing to others what it is I want to accomplish. Luckily, my friend Sara is very patient and went through her whole wardrobe and did tests jumps for me while I searched for the right aesthetics in colour and fabric. And then she went on jumping when I took a bunch of shots. On the warmest day we’ve had in Stockholm so far this year. Where would we be without friends?

So this is the final shot, after some editing. I wanted it to have a similar vibe to my Horror shot from February, a sort of follow up if you will. My life is certainly filled with more hope than horror these days!


Click for bigger picture


This is my third entry for Photo Sunday since February, so, I have a slow pace to say the least! I guess it all comes down to time in the end. Hey, have we had time as a theme yet? Oh, probably… Anyway, here are links to the previous two themes I did:

Also I would like to share a couple of other shots from that day I really loved.


Contact (Photo Sunday)

There is a great Swedish group on Flickr called “Fotosöndag” (Photo Sunday) that presents a theme every week, and then on Sundays you post it and tag it and you get to see how cleverly everybody interpreted it. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. Some shots are pretty straight forward, some are way out there, and it doesn’t matter what camera you have or if you’re a pro or an enthusiast, everybody is welcome.

This week the theme was “Contact”, and I had some fun ideas, but I felt I’d rather get it done with something uncomplicated than stress out and try some crazy stunt. So, in all simplicity, this is my version of Contact:



And of course, you can also see it on my tiny Flickr account. I created a set just for Photo Sundays, hopefully it’ll grow!


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