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The Day of Defeat Christmas Bauble

Just wanted to share this real quick before I get the urge to rip down anything Xmassy.

I made a lot of decorations for Christmas and since this was our first Christmas together in our new home, I wanted to make one as a little gift for Jed. He used to work as a freelance 3D model maker for Day of Defeat (WWII Half-Life mod), and so I made this Christmas tree bauble with a DoD theme. It looks great in the tree and I’m looking forward to unpacking it and hanging it up for years to come!

No Christmas without Halo

I don’t know about everyone else, but I know that the closer we get to Christmas, the more I want to spend all my time gaming. You know: snugly, warm Christmas holiday spent gaming in monkey pj’s. Completely natural. Right now I’m back in Everquest 2 for the Xmas content and generally rocking my own guild hall, and playing my way through Halo Anniversary.

Inspired by this, and by Xmas cheer, I’ve made a few gamer ornaments for our tree. Like this Halo Anniversary bauble:


Merry Christmas to all and every nerd!

How to make your girlfriend hot for you

I’ve lived in my apartment for a couple of years now, but other than the re-modelling from then I bought the place nothing much else has happened. No new hooks in the bathroom or kitchen, no new shelves, no improved storage. And I’m a girl. I love good storage. You know how it is…

But Jed is not only my hot geeky boyfriend, he is also very practical, crafty and handy. “I will build you shelves”, he said, and then he did. I’m working 12-hours shifts this weekend, and yesterday  I received this pic on my phone:

Also, my cat was apparently helping out:

For a girl hat has had no decent storage in years this is a pretty big deal! I have had my shoe boxes in a pile in the bedroom, for goodness sake! MY SHOES!

So, Jed kept at it today, transforming my wardrobes into something usable, and I’m soon off from work, can’t wait to see what he’s done. He’s building up my expectations though… Several texts during the day have told me things are AWESOME:

Jed: “Best shelf ever!”

Me: “Can’t wait to see it!”

Jed: “I’m so gonna get some tonight :)”

Me: “Darn tooting right!”

Jed: “I got all your shoe boxes in with room to spare.”

He knows he’s getting lucky ;) And he knows why!

Die, Billy, die!

I really wish I could sew. Then I would make this doll. And then I would hide under my friend Tricks bed and scare the living crap out of her. I know she’s appreciate it. After a while.

Picture pinched from Queenladybug0525.

Billy has been the subject of a lot of grief, anger, frustration, hate… I remember when the Nektulos Forest zone was a bit more populated and you would hear people randomly screaming: ”I HATE BILLY!” a couple of times a day. Now, almost 6 years after the release of the game, it is something of a battle cry, and you can always scream this in any chat channel. You will always get a couple of people screaming it with you for sympathy.

This is a haiku written by Spindle from the Antonia Bayle server:

How I hate Billy
Now he comes in a plushie
I want one now too

More people have made Billy dolls, like Morianne of Maren Maria Bears, and she even made him a girlfriend:

Billy, creepy doll extraordinarie


And for those who are not familiar with the magic moppet Billy, this is the guy… Damn I hate that little bugger!

Die, Billy, die!