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What would we do without coffee?

So, I got to work this morning, the first proper work-Monday of the year, everybody shuffling around trying to remember their logins or actual placement of their desk, and crisis alert! We were out of milk in the kitchen.

Always a gamble, Monday mornings. Is there a carton of milk left over from previous week? Did some bastard drink it all? Will we be able to soft-spokenly and politely answer our first phone call of the week, voices oozing with honeylike service mindedness, or will our first words to our customer be “Urgh *cough* what hello? Yes, no, what? Sure, eh…. zzzzzz”.

So people were creating a downright mob in front of the coffee machine, staring at it angrily, opening and closing the fridge repeatedly, as if milk would appear, and trying to make up their mind whether to just have a plain cup of joe, or to go without, and start their day, and yes, the very new year itself in the workplace, without the power of caffeine.

Granted. I was one of these people. I was the one that wandered back to my desk like a zombie, hopes and dreams of a better world crushed forever.

Until half an hour later, when milk was indeed delivered to our office, and everybody were back to themselves again in no time, for better or worse.

This country runs on coffee. Or the fumes thereof. The fumes of having 8 cups of coffee in just as many hours. If coffee was suddenly to disappear, I do wonder what would happen to our GDP.

Living in a box

This coffee saved my life


I desperately need a lazy weekend at home. My home. Our home. With all my stuff around me. I want to mooch around in my big socks, drink tea, play some music, drink tea, look out the window, practice on my piano. Cook something. Bake something. Chase the cat. Do some crafting. Write on a story. Read a book. Play on my Xbox. Edit some photos. Sing in the shower.

I feel a bit lost and sad right now. Too much going on at work. All my stuff in storage. I know it’s only six days left until we get the keys to our new place. It won’t be long now. Hopefully we’ll get unpacked fairly quickly . I just need some sense of order and familiarity. My day job is seriously taking a toll on me right now, and I have nowhere to go and reboot and recover.

At least the weather is good. And some mornings I have time to pick up an awesome latte. And I DO get to cuddle my cat. And my boyfriend.