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Is grayscale or sepia more flattering?

These last couple of days Pioneer Woman has brought up the subject of sepia tinting your photos. I didn’t just get inspired by the various cool edits of her photo, but also the subject itself. However, as my brain was mulling over whether I like sepia tones in photos or not, or when, and how, I got distracted by the kitty picture and started thinking about my own kitty cat.

Because he is already sort of grayscale….

And if you turn the photo into black & white, he is still, well, a grayscale kitty:

So I thought I’d try and make him sepia. Just to see if it suited him. Seem like he pulls cute off in any tint and colour. I think I prefer him Original SOOC kitty though.

The End Bit of the Weekend

So, it’s almost midnight and this weekend will be over. This is the ass end of a weekend. No big accomplishments this weekend. I didn’t save the world and I didn’t win a billion dollars. There were no zombies to fight. But we baked bread:

It was very delicious. Two loafs for no money at all, healthier and tastier. Only problem is that you eat it all in two days. So, you end up eating more bread than you’d usually do. Less inexpensive and less healthy. Although life quality increases by 12 points. At least.Points I could really use, there’s way to much stuff going on.

In a desperate attempt to relax I had a dip in the jacuzzi and a spot of single malt. It worked very well. Until the single malt wore off. But if I go to bed now I get almost 6 hours of sleep, if I’m lucky, so, I leave you with this rendition of Sixxten as a dubious (or constipated) detective. Night!

The Cuddle Negotiations


Cat: Attention, plix

Me: I can’t right now, I’m busy typing something

Cat: Pay attention to me, now!

Me: No, I told you…

Cat: Naaa-oooooow!

Me: Oh, shush you!

Cat: Naaaaa-ooooow! Naaaaa-ooooow! Naaaaa-ooooow!

Me: Oh, ok, come here then

Cat: Noes! You come to ME!

Me: Why don’t you just come here so that I can scratch your head?

Cat: No! You come here. I’m sitting my butt down right over here and wait for you

Me: Fine, suit yourself then. I’ll just ignore you

Cat: …

Cat: …

Cat: … Hello?

Cat: Hell-oooh?

Me: I’m ignoring you

Cat: But I’m so cute! Look at me!

Me: No, I won’t look at you

Cat: But, but, I’ve fallen over! I’m broken cat! Look!

Me. Stop it!

Cat: Look! I’ve fallen over! Look at my fluffy tummy!

Me: Now you’re just being silly

Cat: Look at me stretching! Look at my fluffy tummy! It’s very soft, I promise!

Me: Well, you are pretty cute…

Cat. I really am!

Me: Oh, okay then. I’ll come over and pet your tummy.

Cat: NO! I won’t let you! I will make crazy noises and run away one meter as soon as you come close to me!

Me: What the hell?

Cat. Chase me…

Me. No!

Cat: Come on, chase me, you know you want to!

Me: No way, little dude

Cat: But I’m so cute! Come get me. I won’t run this time. Promise!
Me: You sure?

Cat: Yes. Come pick me up!

Me: Ok, here goes, no sudden moves, I’ll just…

Cat: NO! Don’t touch me! I’m having a complete spaz out and running around the entire apartment! Waah!

Me: What do you WANT from me? Fuck this, I’m going back to my computer.

Cat: …

Cat: …

Cat: … Hello?

Cat: Hell-oooh?

Me: What?!

Cat: Are you mad at me?

Me: No, I’m not mad at you

Cat: Could we cuddle?

Me: Ok, come here then, here’s my lap

Cat: Could you pick me up?

Me: Ok, little one, come here

Cat: This is nice

Me: Yes, it is

Cat: I approve

Me: I can’t type now, though

Cat: It doesn’t matter. Scratch my head now, human

Me: Okay, just for a little bit…



Cute Cat Warfare

Sixxten fights with cute. And fragrant cuddliness.

I come home after work, pick up the cat, and notice that he smells like a blossoming meadow. What is this? Has he invented some sort of cat perfume? Has he raised his cute levels so much that he just emanates smells that will force you to smell his tummy? What is his agenda, exactly?

Turns out he’s been stationed in our wash basket, filled with clean laundry. The soft lid was secured on top. He was peeking out as Jed walked by, looking for him. Like a little cat soldier peeking out of a pillbox bunker, thus  staying hidden and ensuring to exert a bouquet of fluffy, clean laundered kitty for the rest of the day.

Another trick is to sleep on my office chair. That means that whenever I want to sit down to use my computer, I have to pick him up (him with an innocent, sleepy, slightly confused kittenish face), smell his tummy, put him on my lap and cuddle him. Thus not being able to type, or game, or anything else non-important to cat creatures. It’s a cuddle trap, I tell you. And I’m gullible.

Funny Little Cat Person

Sixxten is all settled in an enjoying his (our) new home. He has clearly stated that it is his domain. Not in the club? Tough! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but he has a cat phobia. For real. Dogs are sort of okay, as long as they don’t mess about. Other cats? Noes. Not welcome. There are no other cats in Sixxten Land but Sixxten.

Of course, it’s not really likely that another cat would sneak in through the main entrance, push the button for the lift, go up a couple of floors, ring our door bell and let itself in. Sixxten does not understand this. I have tried to explain it to him. Honestly. But the boy doesn’t believe me.

And he does not believe that the cat in the floor length mirror is actually himself. During daytime he’s mostly confused by this mirror and a bit weary. At night… he hisses and growls at it. Very. Loudly.

It’s not very restful to get woken up by an angry cat every night. Silly little cat person.


Cat Settled In

Except for my books, crafting supplies and some odds and sods that will stay in storage for another week or so, we’re pretty much moved in. Yay! We were in pretty bad shape after a couple of days of Logistics Extraordinaire, whole body aching and general tired-brain-confusion, plus getting the sniffles. But we did it.

I was worried that the cat would be freaked out from all the change lately. And the first day he was; he followed us around everywhere, not being used to not seeing us all the time (new place is a bit bigger than he is used to). But as soon as we got the couch set up, he was fine. I think he’s settled in much faster than we have. Comfy Couch Cat.