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He’s Sixxten. He’s a cat.

Happy Birthday, Little Guy

This is how my little Sixxten looked seven years ago:

I can’t believe he’s seven years old now! It doesn’t seem like that long ago when he climbed up in my lap, the heaviest little lump of the litter.Since then he has been a constant funny, entertaining, comforting, annoying, talkative, playful, cheeky, fluffy, hairy bundle of joy. It would be very empty without him.

Of course we had to make him a little tuna mousse cake:

Happy birthday, little buddy. Thank you for always sleeping on my belly when my tummy is aching, and waking me up in time for work on weekdays.

Bloody Monday

I haven’t done a recap in a while, because of… because of… because of reasons! (Nah, just the regular boring reasons, like work and flue and summer). I would say nothings interesting has happened and you didn’t missed a thing, but that’s not true! Lot’s of interesting things have happened this summer! You know, besides my double-sided pneumonia. Let’s see:

I’ve been taking photos:

I’ve been crafting:


  • Playing The Secret World and LOOOOOVING it. But there are not enough hours in a week, I need more time to game!
  • Stressing myself out about the Halo 4 release. Need to play through all the previous games first. Again. It’s a bit like when you’ve been waiting for book number 6 in a great book series for YEARS and need to read them all again before you can read the new one.
  • Also: Dear Kinect, we love you. Sorry for not playing with you in a while.
  • Me and Jed had a proper, dice-rolling RPG night with some friends the other night! We started on an adventure set in Mutant. Soooooo many years ago… So much fun! But I felt really, really rusty!


  • My friend Micu introduced me to Mail Art. I wrote about it over here! Now we are working on setting up a blog dedicated to this project, and it will be completely cool and amazing. Anybody can make art. Why not use it to cheer someone up? Keep your eyes open for more about this, very soon!

In other news:

Sixxten the Cat likes to lounge.


That’s it for tonight! Stay safeses, everyone!


Randomness – The Pharmacy Edition

Last week was slightly interesting. First Mr boo got pneumonia. A couple of days later I got some sort of flue. This weekend was a very quiet one. Today I am at work, but feel like a blubbery dish rag. It feels awesome that Sweden has a national holiday on Wednesday. We get a day off from work, to celebrate our great country. I planned to have a crafty day and maybe write on a story, but I will probably celebrate by spending the day in bed.

It’s like we have our own pharmacy right now. See below illustrative photo of our meds:

Sixxten the Cat is very happy, though. He likes the company. Also, he has started a new project to beat the standing Cat World Record of SLEEPING ON ALL THE STUFF. It is going well.

Here is a random list of things going on right now:

Reading: I just finished The Little Prince, a novella written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, first published in 1943. My friend Micu sent it to me, which was a very lovely surprise, and not something that happens everyday! It is a certain something when someone says: “Here, this is a favourite book of mine, I want to give you a copy so you can read it too”. The narration is lovely and funny, and so are the illustrations, and it has a viewpoint that strikes a certain chord with me. If you get a chance to read it, DO so. It is wonderful!

Listening to: Podcasts and Amanda Fucking Palmer! I joined as a backer for her exceptionally successful kickstarter, and of that I am very proud. She did something amazing, and revolutionary, and I dare to hope that we will look back at this in a couple of years and smack our foreheads and say “Doh! But of course! It works! There is a new world order!”. In return of being a backer AFP has so far sent out 3 tracks, which I listen to on repeat, when I’m not stuck listening to a podcast. Right now I am going through a backlog of I Should Be Writing, and also MMOReporter’s The Secret World Podcast, regarding the new MMO Secret World, which will be launhing very soon…

Which leads me to the gaming situation: I, once again, made the decision to move on from EQ2. I have done that before but always returned. I probably will again. It’s just that after a while the upkeep of my two accounts and 13 characters I’ve been honing since 2004 sometimes feel like a process, a project or a job. At the same time it also feels very homey and safe, of course. Because I’m really good at it. So I cancelled my two subscriptions. Again. Then I though “Hey, wait a minute, I still have some rather low level characters on the European servers that I haven’t thought about, maybe I should try the free-to-play version”… And I changed region and logged in on my free-to-play account and then cringed at all the limitations and red squares in the interface. It almost made me cry. So I thought that “Hey, maybe trying free-to-play in a game I’ve played for 8 years isn’t such a great idea, maybe I should try it with a new game?”. So I downloaded LOTRO and tried that out. I started out as an elf, and played through the first 15 levels. And, hitting lvl 10, I pretty much stated to strategize my character and the stats and the crafting. Again. Just like in EQ2. Just like in WoW. Just like in Rift. Some games just have so many fundamental things in common that it doesn’t really matter which one of them you play. Very soon you kick into the grinding gear.

Which is why I am now completely obsessed with Funcom’s new MMO, The Secret World. Is it pre-ordered? Yesh! I have a special place in my geeky heart for Funcom. Their game Anarchy Online was my very first MMO love story, back in 2002. It was my gateway drug into MMORPG’s. I also really enjoyed Age of Conan, even if EQ2 (also known as Evercrack) won me back in the end. One could say that Anarchy Online was my very first teenage infatuation, but I ended up marrying Everquest2. Divorce is pending.

So… The Secret World… I think I sort of fancy you… Wanna hook up?

Is grayscale or sepia more flattering?

These last couple of days Pioneer Woman has brought up the subject of sepia tinting your photos. I didn’t just get inspired by the various cool edits of her photo, but also the subject itself. However, as my brain was mulling over whether I like sepia tones in photos or not, or when, and how, I got distracted by the kitty picture and started thinking about my own kitty cat.

Because he is already sort of grayscale….

And if you turn the photo into black & white, he is still, well, a grayscale kitty:

So I thought I’d try and make him sepia. Just to see if it suited him. Seem like he pulls cute off in any tint and colour. I think I prefer him Original SOOC kitty though.