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Shit My Boyfriend Says

Another one of those “speaking of which” nights when we lie in bed and talk aimlessly about anything and nothing, like one does, when one want to talk about ones day with the man one loves:

Me: So I watched this documentary about the mating habits of leopards, and…
Him: Lepers?!
Me: NO! L-e-o-p-a-r-d-s!
Him: Oh! Yeah. That would have been weird. A documentary about the mating habits of the lepers of the Serengeti…
Me: *Turns off light*


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Shit My Boyfriend Says

In bed, about to fall asleep, his hand lands on my head.

Him: Oh, that’s your head?
Me: Yes, that is my head
Him: Troll Herbert?
Me: No! I said “that’s my head”
Him: Who the fuck is Troll Herbert?
Me: I don’t know! I said “THAT’S MY HEAD”
Him: What? That doesn’t sound anything like Troll Herbert