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Destiny of Velious, part II: Effing Flying Mounts, dude!

“Flying Mounts – Soar high above Norrath and explore EQII like never before”

I wish I could have been at the SOE Fan Faire when they showed the trailer for the Destiny of Velious expansion. At first the camera fly over beautiful new zones, and then at the very end, the last few seconds, there is a character on a griffon. A flying mount. I mean, COME ON, that is so squee worthy! If I’d been there I would so have been screaming like the girl gamer I am.

Come ON! Look at it!

Screenie squeefully stolen from the official vid. K'thanks. *hide*


Flying mounts is of course one of the most important features in the new expansion. Now;

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Die, Billy, die!

I really wish I could sew. Then I would make this doll. And then I would hide under my friend Tricks bed and scare the living crap out of her. I know she’s appreciate it. After a while.

Picture pinched from Queenladybug0525.

Billy has been the subject of a lot of grief, anger, frustration, hate… I remember when the Nektulos Forest zone was a bit more populated and you would hear people randomly screaming: ”I HATE BILLY!” a couple of times a day. Now, almost 6 years after the release of the game, it is something of a battle cry, and you can always scream this in any chat channel. You will always get a couple of people screaming it with you for sympathy.

This is a haiku written by Spindle from the Antonia Bayle server:

How I hate Billy
Now he comes in a plushie
I want one now too

More people have made Billy dolls, like Morianne of Maren Maria Bears, and she even made him a girlfriend:

Billy, creepy doll extraordinarie


And for those who are not familiar with the magic moppet Billy, this is the guy… Damn I hate that little bugger!

Die, Billy, die!



Last year my friend Linus gave me an extra screen he had stuffed away in his basement, an offer a dual-boxer like me could not possibly pass up. Of course it took me ages to even get to a point to set it up properly, but I built a new computer not long ago, and Jed helped me out a lot, so here I am, with two screens on my tiny desk, and I am NOT going back. Ever.  I am telling you, people, this is the shit. I don’t know why it took me so long. I guess sometimes you need someone to boss you around a bit and give you a shove in the right direction.

I have the two screens connected to my new computer, but the secondary one is also connected to my old computer. So I can dual-box with both game accounts on one computer or on two separate ones. Or I can craft with one account on one while I harvest on the other. I dunno, I have loads of fuzzy plans. It’s all good.

Problem is my old computer sounds like an old tractor, compared to my new one (my new one is quiet like a ninja!), so it’s not all that tempting even turning it on. I’ll end up buying a gaming lap top, I just know it.

"Hellooooo Sneakish!" "Helloes helloes, Aniara!" *paws waving*

This and That

Fredag på jobbet, och det är All Girls Day! När vår supergulliga Pernilla går över från natt- till dagpass händer det stundvis att vi sitter fyra tjejer på larmbordet. Golden days! Bra stämning, lugnt och skönt och massa roligt som händer. Det var inte så många år sen som det inte jobbade så många tjejer alls här!

What else? Lite öl och burgare på Texas Burger igår kväll, trevligt som vanligt med mina najsa arbetskamrater. De är ett litet gäng som spelar bandy på torsdagar och sen kan det bli öl efter om man har tur :) Jag hopar bandyn men är gärna med på ölandet ;)

Min NaNoWriMo går uselt just nu, men nästa vecka har jag semester, så då kan jag grotta ner mig ordentligt. Har kommit upp i mesliga 10 000 ord av sammanlagt 50 000, så jag har lite att stå i. Men jag har märkt att det går bättre när jag koncentrerar mg på en karaktär i taget. Skriver i år i programmet yWriter, vilket verkligen har varit till stor hjälp! Man kan lätt dela upp allt i scener och karaktärer, och sedan utan problem stuva om alltihopa. Det har vekrligen hjälpt mig att sluta vara så himla neurotisk. Ligger ju sjukt mycket efter just nu, men har ingen panik. Udda.

Jag har inte BARA tagit semester pga av NaNoWriMo, utan också för att jag fyller år. När man fyller år får man fira den så som man tycker är roligast, och jag brukar se till att testa något nytt spel. Så, writing and gaming, that’s my plan! Weee!