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Usually an update where I whine and bitch

What would we do without coffee?

So, I got to work this morning, the first proper work-Monday of the year, everybody shuffling around trying to remember their logins or actual placement of their desk, and crisis alert! We were out of milk in the kitchen.

Always a gamble, Monday mornings. Is there a carton of milk left over from previous week? Did some bastard drink it all? Will we be able to soft-spokenly and politely answer our first phone call of the week, voices oozing with honeylike service mindedness, or will our first words to our customer be “Urgh *cough* what hello? Yes, no, what? Sure, eh…. zzzzzz”.

So people were creating a downright mob in front of the coffee machine, staring at it angrily, opening and closing the fridge repeatedly, as if milk would appear, and trying to make up their mind whether to just have a plain cup of joe, or to go without, and start their day, and yes, the very new year itself in the workplace, without the power of caffeine.

Granted. I was one of these people. I was the one that wandered back to my desk like a zombie, hopes and dreams of a better world crushed forever.

Until half an hour later, when milk was indeed delivered to our office, and everybody were back to themselves again in no time, for better or worse.

This country runs on coffee. Or the fumes thereof. The fumes of having 8 cups of coffee in just as many hours. If coffee was suddenly to disappear, I do wonder what would happen to our GDP.

Bloody Monday

It’s another bloody Monday, peeps and popcicles! Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr is filling up with happy or grumpy messages about another start of another week, the hope of new possibilities or the woes of even getting out of bed. Personally I am always rather torn; getting out of bed on a Monday morning is always a struggle for me. On the one hand, the bed, which is not really a very great bed, is oddly enough never as comfortable as it is at 06:15 in the morning on a Monday. And the onset of a new week at work seldom feels very positive for me, since I have usually spent half the night awake trying to organize the week in my head I am acutely aware that no matter how much I plan and prepare for work, there is no chance in hell I will ever get everything done in time, and that something critical and more prioritized will come along and ruin my plan anyway. So, I am most certainly a Monday grouch.

Oooon the other hand: a new week means a full new week of new pod casts, youtube eps, books to read, movies to watch, music to discover, crafting projects to start or finish, art to make, stories to write, exciting research to be made, poems to be written coffee dates with my boo; a new chance to do all the things I want to do, if I am lucky enough to have any energy after work. Last week was horrible; after-work-hours found me comatose and the week ended with me getting a cold, but, you know… in the best of worlds, a Monday means all that new and fun shit.

Winter all in all is largely comatose for me. I am like a little fuzzy hermit bear who wants to sleep all through the cold and dark. But, another month or so, hoping for an early spring, might mean I’ll get back in the saddle and maybe have some energy to be social and such again. The winter is no joke for a vitamin D-deprived, misanthropic introvert like me.

So, that was MY Monday grumble! Bet you wish you could have those minutes back? Ha! Here comes a round-up:


Bloody monday


Made some new earrings recently, and finally got around to taking pics and putting them up on Etsy. The style varies a lot from one pair to another, which is what happens when one spreads out one’s entire stash and mindlessly just starts experimenting and let one’s mind wander while watching a funny movie. Anyhow, don’t be shy to check them out, maybe you’ll find something you like! There are also some new silver pieces up there.

I finished “Flowers for Algernon”! A book that’s been on my to-read-list since I was about 12, but I’ve never gotten to it. Until now! Because Micu sent it to me for Christmas! Books are such awesome gifts <3 There is just something special about reading a book that someone gifted you, saying “Hey, I really like this book and I hope you like it too”. And since I’ve had some really tired weekends, having a great book to read has been blissful.

LOTRO Online – I have uninstalled you, so sorry. WoW – You always tempt me, especially when my friends asks me to play you again. Secret World –  I miss you. EQ2 – I miss you the most, baby, don’t ever change. EQ Next – I have you on my dance card. City of Steam – Colour me intrigued… Halo, all of you, I want to hug your CD-cases and call you George. Effing Candy Crush –  I fricking hate you.

Android Apps I cannot live without
Wunderlist. How I’ve even managed to remember getting dressed in the morning without this app, I do not know.As you might guess, it’s a list app. You make lists (plural, for sure) and cross things off. You can use it on your phone or their website, and it all syncs up. You can share lists with other people. It seems to be an app for a lot of different platforms as well, at least I know I’ve seen it for iPhones too, if anybody cares about that.

Health & such
I keep going to yoga and it’s always GREAT. I mean it. You know how people say that everyone would benefit from going to therapy? Ditto for yoga.

Movies & TV
Having a bad cold, when all you can do really is lie on the couch and sort of blink your eyes, and half fall asleep every so often, is an excellent time to watch everything worth watching on Netflix. Which I have now done. We’ve had the service for four months now, and are sort of done with it. And all they’ve added lately is season 2 of “Modern Family”. Besides that and Fringe, there are not much else we want to watch on Netflix, which is bothersome. Also, speaking of bothersome and Netflix, here are some of my pet peeves: One show claim to have 30 episodes on Netflix, and when I reach ep 15 they stop. Shows that have already been airing all their eps, maybe 3 or 4 seasons worth, a long time ago and is done and cancelled, still only have the first season up on Netflix. The suggestions for “Comedies” and “dramas” are COMPLETELY off. The suggestions for TV Comedies are ALSO completely off. Especially since most of the comedy shows they actually HAVE are not even in that list of suggestions.

Lofty plans that needs proper planning!
My trip to Budapest! Vacation in the UK! Midsummer! Worlds sweetest sis-in-law coming over! Running/jogging/crawling a race in August! Birthday bash in November! Woop woop!




That was it for this time. Have a happy week!

Bloody Monday

It’s a new year with new, but still very uncommitted and undefined, hopes and expectations. A new year with new wonderful fandoms waiting around the corner, new books to read, new games to play, new music to discover… Likewise, there’s that warm and fuzzy feeling in the belly regarding reacquainting oneself with the old (favourite shows airing a new season, past fandoms making a comeback, reading old books, rediscovering ones favourite music, and possibly maybe logging in to one’s old accounts in one’s old favourite games and say hello to one’s old characters). One of the beauties with being a geek is how one can very easily get equally enthused by both the past and the future, because there is Just So Much Goodness.

But I digress. This was supposed to be some sort of recap. Have i actually done ANYTHING yet, in 2013? Doesne’t feel like it. Here goes!



Post-Christmas WTF:

  • It seems that we still have Christmas in our house, because ALL THE DECORATIONS ARE STILL UP. Because I am inherently lazy. And I am also very good at just… stop noticing stuff. The only thing I did to de-christmasify in our home was to take the red table cloth off the dining table. Jed suggested we’d just through a blanket over the Christmas tree and leave it there for next year. I feel inclined to agree.
  • Besides the decorations, there are still a plethora of other post-Christmas stuff lying around; boxes, ribbons, gifts, Christmas cards and crafting stuff. Maybe I should just give up and celebrate a 2nd Christmas.
  • One really fun post-Christmas WTF is that we got a sausage-maker-extension for my Electrolux kitchen assistant, and that we successfully have made our first batch of our own sausages (English-type bangers). They turned out GREAT. And we know exactly what is in them, which feels epic.


  • You know what? I haven’t picked up and started to read a book yet, this year. And January is almost over. Shame. Shame! I have been listening to podcasts and reading blogs like crazy, but not picked out the first book to read this year. But that will soon be mended, because I got two GREAT books to read from my friend Micu for Christmas, so I am not in a panic. Think I will try to make an effort and register more books on this year. My friend Hanna is very good at this and it’s fun to follow! I like it.


  • I finally got to see The Hobbit! About a month or more after the rest of nerdverse, but still! Yes, I went to see it in 3D and with the higher frame rate, I did, and I only did because I am a sucker that can’t NOT do that when I have the option. And I sort of regret it and wish I’d just gone and seen the normal version. I love the story, of course, and some bits of the movie was truly amazing, but watching it I couldn’t help but feel sometimes that I had been thrown into a camp of larpers. I loved the movie – awesome actors, beautifully made, funny in many place – but I wasn’t as blown away as when I saw Lord of the Rings. But I will see it again. Many, many times.


I have been on a YouTube bender lately. There’s just so much fun happening right now, people producing their own stuff and making their own channels, with no networks involved. Exciting times!

  • I am of course completely hooked on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice (which, naturally, is on my all-time-high-must-read book list). This show was created by another YouTube favourite of mine, Hank Green, from the Vlog Brothers. Also, so much fun that one of the characters is just allowed to break free and pursue her own story line, showing us stuff that the original book never portraits. Love it! If I would call this The Most Epic FanFic Ever, would somebody hit me in the head?
  • Another great YouTube series is Squaresville, which will soon be back with more eps. Woo!
  • My drunk kitchen. It’s not only that watching someone cook and and get drunk at the same time just clicks with me like a warm carrot-onsie hug, but also, Hanna Hart is adorable and seems so genuinely charming.


My most recent loves include:

  • Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler. So many awesome interviews with interesting people, ranting about video games, action movies, comic books, fast machines, sex, small batch spirits, bar fights, and blowing sh*t up
  • Risk with Kevin Allison. True stories, boldly told. It is a live show and podcast where poeple tell true stories they thought they would never share in public. Some are funny, some sad, some horrifying, but all in all:  Good stories!


  • Shamefully low amount of gaming during the last month. As a gamer I always expect to have oodles of time to vegetate in front of my PC or Xbox during the holidays, and just have days and days where gaming is always more prioritized than, say, showering. This wasn’t the case this Christmas, so now I feel like I have to sort of schedule my gaming in Google calendar or something.
  • I did however get to have a whole day of pew pew with some work mates, game of choice that day was Blops II. It really was a lot of fun, much thanks to actually playing with your peeps in the same room, nobody taking it too seriously or anything like that.
  • Of course I am stuck in the android-app-game-hell where I am playing some game or another that needs upkeep and activity every day if you don’t feel like spending any actual money on it (that would be the day that hell froze over). There’s been a variety of parks full of dragons or monsters or balloon animals or whatevs, and at some point you just cannot build anything new or fun and all you do is collect gold or sparkles or candy canes or the like. That’s when I uninstall it. Then on to the next one. It’s a vicious, time-stealing circle of non-life. Sometimes I remind myself that this sort of everyday grinding was the exact reason I stopped playing SimCity and the Sims and WoW and a whole bunch of other games. And then I uninstall some more apps.
  • I might or might not have tried to patch the latest updates in EQ2… It took ages and I fell asleep on the couch and didn’t get a chance to log in. Which is probably just as well. I miss that game every day, but I know what happens if I start playing it. I will start to manage my characters as if it was a career. I have so much invested in my two accounts, I cannot leave any character behind and just play and go on adventures with one of them. And I cannot get used to the free-to-play version, I am so sorry. It’d have to be the full monty (e.g. two full subscriptions) or nothing. I think if I would invest more time in an excisting MMO right now it would be in a game where I only have one toon, still. Like Rift or Secret World…
  • But there is always the lofty promise of EQ Next in 2013…
  • I should stop rambling now.



That’s it, peeps! Have some coffee. Eat some chocolate. Have a good day!



Bloody Monday

I haven’t done a recap in a while, because of… because of… because of reasons! (Nah, just the regular boring reasons, like work and flue and summer). I would say nothings interesting has happened and you didn’t missed a thing, but that’s not true! Lot’s of interesting things have happened this summer! You know, besides my double-sided pneumonia. Let’s see:

I’ve been taking photos:

I’ve been crafting:


  • Playing The Secret World and LOOOOOVING it. But there are not enough hours in a week, I need more time to game!
  • Stressing myself out about the Halo 4 release. Need to play through all the previous games first. Again. It’s a bit like when you’ve been waiting for book number 6 in a great book series for YEARS and need to read them all again before you can read the new one.
  • Also: Dear Kinect, we love you. Sorry for not playing with you in a while.
  • Me and Jed had a proper, dice-rolling RPG night with some friends the other night! We started on an adventure set in Mutant. Soooooo many years ago… So much fun! But I felt really, really rusty!


  • My friend Micu introduced me to Mail Art. I wrote about it over here! Now we are working on setting up a blog dedicated to this project, and it will be completely cool and amazing. Anybody can make art. Why not use it to cheer someone up? Keep your eyes open for more about this, very soon!

In other news:

Sixxten the Cat likes to lounge.


That’s it for tonight! Stay safeses, everyone!


Bloody Monday

Hello world and happy frikkin’ Monday! I haven’t done a Bloody Monday recap in a while, and there’s a lot going on, so I thought I’d sit down and sort of try to feel organised and such. Bam!






  • Every xmas I get nostalgic about my one true MMORPG-love: Everquest 2. So, of course I’ve pottered about doing loads of xmas content this time as well. With both accounts. And I started a little Ratonga Beast Master. So… 11 characters and counting…
  • Xbox Kinect: Got a Kienct for Jed for xmas, and it’s great fun! Every time I use it I’m a bit amazed by how well it works. My mum got one from dad with a Zumba game, need to go over there and try it out :) We tried some Zumba on xmas eve but couldn’t keep it up for long, we were laughing to hard. We’re playing the fitness game a lot these days, believe it or not, it’s actually quite fun.


  • I watched the documentary The Dungeon Masters (available here).  I used to be in some RP-groups a long time ago and know a lot of people who are still very active both in gaming groups and as larpers, so a lot of the content felt very familiar. The documentary follow three individuals and their connection to the game Dungeons & Dragons. It covers their D&D life, but soon we get to follow their struggles in their personal life as well, and how they deal with them.
  • I watched Black Swan with Natalie Portman. It creeped me out. Quite liked the buildup of the story and how the insanity followed the story in the actual ballet. Clever.
  • We went to the movies and saw the English version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I think they did a good job. As the characters was introduced I started grinning to myself because I knew what would happen in the end and how well, for instance, Stellan Skarsgård was casted for his role. It was WEIRD though to see it in a Swedish setting, and having the characters suddenly say “Skål!” (“Cheers” in Swedish).


  • I am hugely into Tim Minchin right now. His lyrics cheer me up.

Projects 2012:

  • I have embarked on a project to create something every day. Just before xmas I found this book called 365: A Daily Creativity Journal by Noah Scalin. It’s a year’s worth of prompts, with room to make notes and plans or doodles, and I think it’s pretty neat. I don’t follow the prompts blindly, though, if I have another idea I will jump on that instead. Read my initial blogpost over at Jen&Tricks here. So far so good, I have done something creative every day this year. It’s all being documented in my crafting blog, so if you want to see what I’ve done so far, this is a link for that category on that blog.
  • One Photo a Day: I’ve committed myself to take at least one photo of my everyday life, every single day this year. It can be taken with whatever camera I have handy; my 60D, my phone, my lomo, my fisheye, it doesn’t matter. I decided to do this because of several things: I noticed that last year I took a lot of random photos with my phone, and flicking through them has been a bit like looking through a diary. Also, last year’s Week in the Life made me want MORE, I like documenting my life. Also, I now have this big old book I plan to use for the documentation. The result I hope for is some sort of comprehensive documentation of my life where I can highlight the positive things in my life and see some sort of progress.
  • Self-portraits: I’ve also joined Urban Muser’s project “in the picture”, a self-portrait endeavour, and I hope that by the end of the year I will have taken 12 pictures of myself. This is also in the interest of progress, but also I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes, further down the line, it’s actually nice to have some photos of yourself. January’s theme is “a piece of me”.


  • I was a bit surprised to find my little shop to be almost empty after xmas. The things I’ve put up there are things I love myself, so of course it makes my heart happy when other people like them too! Just the other week someone ordered one of my favourite items, the Plastic Fantastic Pony Earrings. So, right now I’m working on getting some more stuff up there. I have quite a few pieces I just haven’t had time to post, mostly my PMC silver pendants.

Other stuff I’ve done recently that I approve of:

Bloody Monday, Biatch

I can’t believe it’s Monday already! This weekend felt completely comatose. Having The-Cold-From-Hell-That-Just-Won’t-Die is making me exhausted. Am I meant to be this tired all the time? Am I meant never to sleep a whole full eight hours? It’s making me grumpy, to say the least. I’m loading up on fruit and juice and those tiny yogurts that’s supposed to turn your tummy into Superman or something. I need energy, dammit! I’m usually a freaking happy person, maddafakkers!


So, what have I been up to? Well, I’ve watched the entire The Lord of the Rings Trilogy . Again. It’s my go-to movies when I’m really poorly and can’t do much else than lie on the couch like a sniffly sack of potatoes (“Po-Ta-To!”). I see them like once a year or so. It’s comforting to know you have almost 12 hours of film to watch when you can’t move. And yes, there are parts in it that makes me cry. I’m a dork.

I’ve done some crafting and started making some X-mas cards. I know, it’s sneaking up on ya, but it’s getting closer. Also, X-mas gifts, ya’all! I will NOT be shopping for these on the last day before X-mas eve! That’s how it usually happens. I never have time to do them all in time and the one day off before X-mas is then spent, NOT relaxing and baking tasty cookies and singing carols, but battling the idiots in all the stores to get the last things. Then I end up with a bag of boring soap and a tie for dad. WTH, peeps! Who wants a soap and a tie for X-mas?!

I also made a layout (“Shown heah and heah” *points flurriedly*) and put some earrings up on Etsy. Plan is to add my silver jewellery later, but I thought I’d put some items up just for practice. Who knows, maybe there’s someone out there as desperate for X-mas shopping as I am.


Bloody Monday

It’s another bloody Monday and I thought I’d do a little recap, I don’t think I’ve done one in a while. For once I actually had a pretty good morning. Walked out the door five minutes late, but the direct bus to work was also five minutes late, so I didn’t have to bother with the commuter train and then bother with fighting my way through the hordes of idiots at the Central Station to get to the subway. Maybe that’s the secret. Maybe that’s why I’m in a slightly better mood than any regular Monday. Just try to avoid people. Maybe I should start hiking to work. I’d get a long walking staff and equally long fake beard and pretend I was Gandalf trying to trek over the Misty Mountains.

I bet ya people would stay the heck away from me.

Work is boring me to tears right now, so I won’t talk much about that, I don’t want to make you cry too. Anyone that is any fun has either quit or totally abandoned me by going on vacation. Bastards. Looking forward to having my partners-in-the-total-opposite-of-crime back.

Ok, on to totally random facts about my life lately that is of very little interest to anyone. You should totally turn back. So, you know… “Run, you fools!”

I participated in Ali Edward’s project “Week in the Life” and spent last week taking photos and writing notes and documenting my everyday life. You can find all the posts over at my crafting blog It’s amazing what you start to see as photographable and noteworthy when you’re asked to record your life as it is, not the special moment or holidays, just your everyday. Anyway, pop over and have a look if you feel like it.

The Orchid Thief: A True Story of Beauty and Obsessionby Susan Orleon. I’ve been completely fascinated by this book for ages, ever since I saw the movie Adaptation, but haven’t gotten around to read the book until now. The screenplay, written by Charlie Kaufman, is not really based on the book. It’s a story about Charlie Kaufman, trying to write a screenplay based on the book, and he has such a hard time doing the book justice that the end result is just… Seriously, I could write an essay about the meta details about this movie and all the funny trivia around it, but I won’t, because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, it’s a movie-you-have-to-see-before-you-die. But, one of the fun facts is that a completely fictional co-writer actually got nominated for an Oscar… Also: It’s directed by Spike Jonze. Well anyway, I’m now finally reading the actual book from the movie, “The Orchid Thief”, and it really is beautifully written and it’s hard to believe it’s non-fictional. It’s the kind of book that makes me look forward to snuggle up in bed so that I can get some alone time with it.

Hardly had time to game since I moved! Hacking away at Rift right now, but have so much else going on that even my beau, who’s never played an mmorpg before, is way ahead of me and know the game better that I do. It’s okay though. When I actually get the chance to play I have a high-level tank to protect me ;) I miss my ratongas and frogloks in EQ2 though, and right now my twitter feed is filling up with happy EQ2-gamers having a great time with the Tinkerfest event. Steampunky RPG goodness *sigh*. The tons of X-box games I haven’t finished or even started on, I don’t even want to get into that. I need to get the flu or something so I can stay home and game without feeling guilty.

That’s all for now, folks. Insert ending jingle here.