Bloody Monday

I haven’t done a recap in a while, because of… because of… because of reasons! (Nah, just the regular boring reasons, like work and flue and summer). I would say nothings interesting has happened and you didn’t missed a thing, but that’s not true! Lot’s of interesting things have happened this summer! You know, besides my double-sided pneumonia. Let’s see:

I’ve been taking photos:

I’ve been crafting:


  • Playing The Secret World and LOOOOOVING it. But there are not enough hours in a week, I need more time to game!
  • Stressing myself out about the Halo 4 release. Need to play through all the previous games first. Again. It’s a bit like when you’ve been waiting for book number 6 in a great book series for YEARS and need to read them all again before you can read the new one.
  • Also: Dear Kinect, we love you. Sorry for not playing with you in a while.
  • Me and Jed had a proper, dice-rolling RPG night with some friends the other night! We started on an adventure set in Mutant. Soooooo many years ago… So much fun! But I felt really, really rusty!


  • My friend Micu introduced me to Mail Art. I wrote about it over here! Now we are working on setting up a blog dedicated to this project, and it will be completely cool and amazing. Anybody can make art. Why not use it to cheer someone up? Keep your eyes open for more about this, very soon!

In other news:

Sixxten the Cat likes to lounge.


That’s it for tonight! Stay safeses, everyone!


In Other News – It’s Friday!

First week after vacation is always a bust. Whenever I have proper time off my body clock sets for my natural, comfortable geek schedule that I have had since I was ten years old, i.e. at night I am REALLY AWAKE! and my brain is REALLY ACTIVE! and my general state of mind is SLEEP IS BORING I HAVE SO MANY FUN THINGS I WANT TO DO!

Whenever I am on my compulsory grown-up schedule (the I-have-to-go-to-work-in-the-mornings one) I still don’t sleep well, but still get out of bed at six. Also I do generally tend to keep waking up early on weekend mornings and swear bitterly over the unfairness of life and sleep deprivation.

So, it’s Friday, first week back from vacation is over and done with, and I am grumpy, because my brain has been going non-stop all week and I am sickingly tired when I am at work, and very awake in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. Boo!

In other news this week:
My cat Sixxten was walking around on my keyboard the other night and managed to not just open a browser, but to start a google search for “50 Shades of Grey”. Seriously. It freaked me out. Was his intention to order an erotic novel, or was he doing research about 50 shades of grey fur?

This morning when we got to our regular coffee shop there was a bit of a queue. But when we got to the front of the line to make our order the girl had already prepared our usuals and all we had to do was pay. Then she gave us a big smile and wished us happy weekend. She’s such a sweetie! Walking in to a coffee shop early in the morning, after a week of no sleep, and just having someone place two large, perfect lattes (one vanilla, one regular) in front of you is nothing short of epic. She should have a super hero cape.

It’s the weekend now. I am off! Meanwhile, here’s a photo of the cute otters at the London Zoo. Toodle-pip!

Our Vacation In One Comprehensible Bullet Point List

I have not kicked the bucket, but am now back from a three week vacation. It was maybe not the vacation we planned for, due to many unexpected events, but there were also so many good moments that the bad ones will, in time, become comical anecdotes, while the good memories will be remembered and scrapbooked and cherished. So there.

This would be a very long blog post if I were to describe the entire trip, so I’ll do it shortly in list form. Because I love bullet lists. Maybe I’ll post some photos later. Here goes:

  • Jed got pneumonia two weeks before we were going on holiday (-)
  • Jed got penicillin (+)
  • Jed got better (+)
  • I got pneumonia one week before we were going on holiday (-)
  • I got penicillin (+)
  • I realized I couldn’t have my ceremonial glass of wine on the plane (-)
  • I realized I couldn’t have any wine during the first week or our vacation (-)
  • I thought I was better (+)
  • We flew to England (+)
  • I got a bit worse (-)
  • We went and stayed with Jed’s sister (+)
  • Jed got to play BF3 with his brother-in-law (+)
  • We got to cuddle their cat Beau (+)
  • Beau had gotten arthritis and had a wonky paw (-)
  • I got to have a crumpet for breakfast (+)
  • Everyone drove up to Jed’s parents to celebrate his dad (+)
  • We had a really, really nice pub lunch with the entire family (+)
  • I got even worse (-)
  • I could hardly move without getting completely out of breath (-)
  • I realized I could hardly breathe at all (-)
  • I had to go to the hospital (-)
  • I got really good help at the hospital (+)
  • I got to try some extra oxygen for the first time (+)
  • I got a cup of tea (+)
  • In English hospitals they serve tea every other hour (+)
  • I got two more kinds of penicillin (+)
  • I realized I could not have any wine during the second week on our vacation either (-)
  • I started feeling better (+)
  • The first seven days of our vacation I was pretty much wrecked (-)
  • I still managed to buy a dress for the wedding we were invited to (+)
  • Jed found a really nice suit (+)
  • Jed looks really hot in a suit (+)
  • The weather forecast for the weekend of the wedding was pretty grim (-)
  • We got to help decorate the ancient English stone barn where the wedding party were to be held (+)
  • English people keep making cups of tea, no matter what’s going on (+)
  • The old stone barn looked completely fairytale-gorgeous when we were done (+)
  • I was well enough to celebrate our friends getting married (+)
  • They got married! (+)
  • They looked fantastic (+)
  • The outdoors ceremony was beautiful and very moving (+)
  • It didn’t rain during the outdoors ceremony (+)
  • It didn’t rain until we were all indoors (+)
  • I got to take loads of photos (+)
  • The party was a hoot (+)
  • They served pig roast (+)
  • There was an open bar (+)
  • I couldn’t drink (-)
  • They had a really nice Celtic-welsh band playing folksongs and Foo Fighters covers (+)
  • The wedding cake had a white chocolate icing that gave me quite a sugar rush (+)
  • The ancient stone barn was very, very cold (-)
  • I, the impaired, Swedish pneumonia-girl got wrapped in blankets (+)
  • People kept bringing me hot beverages (+)
  • I met a lot of really nice people (+)
  • After a week I was clearly on the mend (+)
  • But I still had the most disgusting, phlegmy cough (-)
  • And I still lost my breath when I moved (-)
  • But I went bunker hunting with pneumonia, because I am that bad-ass (+)
  • We found bunkers! (+)
  • We got bitten by a million mosquitos and Jed is very allergic (-)
  • Jed almost got septicemia (-)
  • Jed DIDN’T get septicemia. This time. (+)
  • We went on an outing with Jed’s mom to look for a crazy sheep shed built by a crazy architect (+)
  • We FOUND the crazy sheep shed built by a crazy architect (+)
  • We went to our favourite antique bookstore and found books and maps (+)
  • I finally took my last penicillin before our last weekend in England (+)
  • We went to London and stayed in a cosy hotel (+)
  • Turns out I was allergic to the penicillin and I got a severe allergic reaction causing burning rashes all over my arms and legs (-)
  • I had to walk around in London with warm, all-covering clothes during a heat-wave (-)
  • I had to buy a pretty dress with long sleeves (+)
  • I walked around London for three days with a burning rash all over my arms and legs, because I am that bad-ass (+)
  • Jed and I had lunch and dinner at a really nice Italian restaurant just across the street from the hotel and I finally got to have a glass of wine (+)
  • The served the tastiest olives I have ever eaten outside of Italy (+)
  • Some of my favourite museums were only a 10 minute walk from the hotel (+)
  • We finally got to go back to the Natural History Museum and see the blue whale (+)
  • Entrance to some of my favourite museums in London is free (+)
  • We had a long and lovely walk through Hyde Park (+)
  • My legs were burning quite a bit from all the walking (-)
  • I had half a day on my own and went to crafting- and paper shops and had lots of coffee (+)
  • We walked down Charing Cross Road and looked in loads of book shops (+)
  • We spent our last day in London at the London Zoo! (+)
  • They had monkeys! (+)
  • They had tigers! (+)
  • They had penguins and otters! (+)
  • We took loads of photos of monkeys and tigers and penguins and otters! (+)
  • I got to spend a really nice weekend in London with my boo (+)
  • Then we got to spend a whole day with Jed’s sister (+)
  • But she’d gotten acute chest infection (-)
  • Possibly from me (-)
  • We went to a lovely town by the sea and went shopping and looked at old ships and had dinner (+)
  • I still looked like a polka dot burn victim (-)
  • But I had pneumonia no more (+)
  • And Beau’s paw was also better (+)
  • We were in time at the airport (+)
  • The baggage drop was chaotic and took an alarmingly long time (-)
  • We had 20 minutes to get through security and get to the gate (-)
  • We got through security and got to the gate in 20 minutes (+)
  • I had some wine on the plane home (+)
  • Me and Jed came home safely with all our luggage (+)

So, that was our holiday trip. In short.

Randomness – The Pharmacy Edition

Last week was slightly interesting. First Mr boo got pneumonia. A couple of days later I got some sort of flue. This weekend was a very quiet one. Today I am at work, but feel like a blubbery dish rag. It feels awesome that Sweden has a national holiday on Wednesday. We get a day off from work, to celebrate our great country. I planned to have a crafty day and maybe write on a story, but I will probably celebrate by spending the day in bed.

It’s like we have our own pharmacy right now. See below illustrative photo of our meds:

Sixxten the Cat is very happy, though. He likes the company. Also, he has started a new project to beat the standing Cat World Record of SLEEPING ON ALL THE STUFF. It is going well.

Here is a random list of things going on right now:

Reading: I just finished The Little Prince, a novella written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, first published in 1943. My friend Micu sent it to me, which was a very lovely surprise, and not something that happens everyday! It is a certain something when someone says: “Here, this is a favourite book of mine, I want to give you a copy so you can read it too”. The narration is lovely and funny, and so are the illustrations, and it has a viewpoint that strikes a certain chord with me. If you get a chance to read it, DO so. It is wonderful!

Listening to: Podcasts and Amanda Fucking Palmer! I joined as a backer for her exceptionally successful kickstarter, and of that I am very proud. She did something amazing, and revolutionary, and I dare to hope that we will look back at this in a couple of years and smack our foreheads and say “Doh! But of course! It works! There is a new world order!”. In return of being a backer AFP has so far sent out 3 tracks, which I listen to on repeat, when I’m not stuck listening to a podcast. Right now I am going through a backlog of I Should Be Writing, and also MMOReporter’s The Secret World Podcast, regarding the new MMO Secret World, which will be launhing very soon…

Which leads me to the gaming situation: I, once again, made the decision to move on from EQ2. I have done that before but always returned. I probably will again. It’s just that after a while the upkeep of my two accounts and 13 characters I’ve been honing since 2004 sometimes feel like a process, a project or a job. At the same time it also feels very homey and safe, of course. Because I’m really good at it. So I cancelled my two subscriptions. Again. Then I though “Hey, wait a minute, I still have some rather low level characters on the European servers that I haven’t thought about, maybe I should try the free-to-play version”… And I changed region and logged in on my free-to-play account and then cringed at all the limitations and red squares in the interface. It almost made me cry. So I thought that “Hey, maybe trying free-to-play in a game I’ve played for 8 years isn’t such a great idea, maybe I should try it with a new game?”. So I downloaded LOTRO and tried that out. I started out as an elf, and played through the first 15 levels. And, hitting lvl 10, I pretty much stated to strategize my character and the stats and the crafting. Again. Just like in EQ2. Just like in WoW. Just like in Rift. Some games just have so many fundamental things in common that it doesn’t really matter which one of them you play. Very soon you kick into the grinding gear.

Which is why I am now completely obsessed with Funcom’s new MMO, The Secret World. Is it pre-ordered? Yesh! I have a special place in my geeky heart for Funcom. Their game Anarchy Online was my very first MMO love story, back in 2002. It was my gateway drug into MMORPG’s. I also really enjoyed Age of Conan, even if EQ2 (also known as Evercrack) won me back in the end. One could say that Anarchy Online was my very first teenage infatuation, but I ended up marrying Everquest2. Divorce is pending.

So… The Secret World… I think I sort of fancy you… Wanna hook up?

I should just stop being curious

I am a musical omnivore, but it is no secret to anyone that knows me that I completely loath anything that has to do with the Eurovision Song Contest. The music gives me a rash (this is actually not an exaggeration, I do genuinely get stress hives from it. Though, this is information that I should probably not be giving away quite so candidly, in case some secret agent ninja would want to torture me for information). Of course it generates a lot of social functions among my acquaintances, functions which I never attend. There are a lot of things I would expose myself to, if it meant hanging out with my friends. Austrian brass bands in lederhosen. Potato races. Rolling perfectly good cheese down a hill. I even went to see the finals in some sort of European soccer championship on a big screen in a park once, to get to hang out and have a beer with people I like.

I digress. And I have never rolled a cheese.

Anyway; I usually don’t even know what the winning song sounds like, even if they play it everywhere-all-the-time, because it just doesn’t register for me. But since I read newspapers online, there are headlines that sadly can’t be ignored. Because my eyes can’t magically filter out text before I’ve read it. Crap eyes…

I bet cyborgs would have that sort of filter. Their eyes would be programmed to not read crap.

So, because the headlines are everywhere I have now learnt that there was a semifinal this week. And that there’s a group of really popular Russian grannies that are threatening the victory for the Swedish competitor, in the lottery that is the Eurovision Song Contest.

And then curiosity overtook me.

Because, in my mind, this popular group of Russian grannies would have to be something amazing with all that press; a wrinkly granny-equivalent of the singing monks, and ethnically exquisite with exotic harmonies that would shake everyone to the very core of their being. I actually expected a song I would like to listen to.

So I youtubed it. And this was not the case.

Party for everybody, dance. Come on and dance. Come on and boom, boom.

In all fairness, if one reads an English translation of the lyrics and just reads the part that is actually translated from Russian, the lyrics are pretty life-affirming and beautiful.

They are adorable, of course. The littlest one remind me a lot of my great grandmother. And they seem to be a fun bunch of courageous old ladies that wanted to try and raise some money for their church. But it really wasn’t the raving sensation I expected. I really wish I hadn’t watched it. It can never be erased from my mind (certainly another advantage with being a cyborg). And I curse the headlines for making me curious enough to youtube it.

But mostly I curse myself for allowing myself even a smudge of hope before I started searching for the clip.

This is Exactly How I Feel

Jed sometimes laughs at me and call me a sunflower, because in this bleak country, when spring finally comes, it’s hard not to stop in the middle of the street and turn your face towards the sun and just try to soak it up.

And I’m not the only one to hunt the sunny spots…

My Silver Lomo

Self Portraits Florence 2011
Self Portrait, Florence 2011

Back in 2009 I got myself a Lomo LC-A, and I love it to death. I love the immediacy, the shoot-from-the hip mentality, the ever varying results regarding light and colour and sharpness. I love the fact that you can never really know what the image is going to look like. Processing a film is always a surprise. Some images look like crap, and some will be incredibly deep in colour in a sort of eerie way that I can’t explain. It’s a bit of nostalgia, I think, having an analogue, plastic little point-and-shoot. And because it takes you a second to raise it up and shoot (no beeps, no lights, no autofocus), and because you acknowledge imperfection, sometimes you catch moments that you would normally miss. I always bring it with me on trips as an extra backup camera, and I keep bringing back a different perspective.

But that was just the background to this post, really…

As some might have noticed I love cameras and photography a lot. It’s sort of a dear hobby of mine. So, when Jed announced that he was going to make me a silver pendant in the shape of a camera I got very SQUEEEEEE and excited! I wasn’t sure what the result would be though, and I tried to give some hints on how to use the silver clay, but all in all he made this thing by hand all on his own.

And I can’t believe HOW CUTE IT IS! I mean, come on, LOOK AT IT! It’s a teeny tiny Lomo for heaven’s sake!

I love it. I will cherish it until my dying breath. I mean, it’s one thing to buy your woman some bling bling, but to make something like this is just extra awesome. And he always is. Awesome.

Handmade Silver Lomo Pendant

Handmade Silver Lomo Pendant

Look for the Light – Spring and Photography and Energy

Cecilia, Spring 2012

Early springtime is hitting Sweden as of now; it’s still a bit chilly but if you find the right spots, you can still take of your coat and sit for a while in the sunshine and enjoy the moment. This means that suddenly there’s actual daylight! Beautiful, sunny daylight! That means more hours per day of possible photography.

I really love to photograph people. I can not stress that enough. But I am always terrified of missing the moment, not being able enough, and loosing the shots. So, I’m in desperate need of practice, so that I start feel comfortable with it, you know, to get rid of the nerves.

So this weekend I had the fantastic opportunity to take a few shots of my friend Cecilia, an opportunity for which I am very grateful (Most people I know, while not very shy at all, do not want to have their picture taken).

Just being out in the sunshine was great, a big burst of energy, but also, it was a lot of fun just walking around finding new spot to shoot in, and I really got a lot of time to mess about with the settings on my SLR.

Below are two of my absolute favourite shots. I feel rather proud of them, and this is the reason: I have known Cecilia for ten years. She is a beautiful girl. And I feel that I have a caught a moment when she is feeling happy and beautiful herself. And that’s my favourite part of photographing people.

Cecilia, Spring 2012

Cecilia, Spring 2012

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