Goodbye July

July has come and gone. It was mostly cloudy with a high chance of rain. We managed to grow a thing on our balcony but have no idea what it is, or if it’s edible. I look at it accusingly and point and say: “What ARE you?!”. I’m thinking about naming it Gregory.

The cat mostly napped. His new favourite spot is one specific pillow on our sofa. It is slowly turning into a very furry and grey pillow. Sometimes things are not quite right, sometimes a corner of another pillow has trespassed on his territory. Then he will let us know, very very loudly.

August. People are getting back from their holidays. The relative quiet at the office is quickly slipping away, and we are going back to a constant chatter and relentless background noise. Summer isn’t over yet, but for some people it seems to be. Personally I have been loving the summer rain, but feel tired from lack of light. A little bit like I feel after a long winter. But then again, it feels like it’s been a long winter for years now.

As always I long for the fall. And lazy afternoons under blanket, reading a book cover to cover, someplace quiet.

I long for quiet.

Usually this is the time of year when I start thinking about new projects and crazy writing months and new hobbies to try out, finding new music to geek out on or read new books. And buy a lot of new pens and notebooks. But right now it sort of feels like I’m constantly starting a 100 meter sprint and get fatigued after twenty. Where’s my puff of energy?

I think I need to stick to my pile of books to read for a while. And possibly I need a holiday.

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  1. Aw hon. I keep looking for a good time to ask for some Phobicgamer-time, some coffee and a little bit of talk, but it’s obvious that time will do more good spent on your own. I know that feeling all too well.
    You take care of yourself first, we’ll do that coffee some other time. <3

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