Fly, my pretties!

I went to the gym yesterday. It’s something I do sometimes and I quite enjoy it. I take some different classes, depending on what I am in the mood for, but mainly I really like lifting stuff. So if I take a class, my first choice is always Bodypump. Because I get to lift stuff repetitiously to loud music. It’s fun.

Yesterday, however, I’d booked myself on a class called PowerStep. It is basically a half-and-half mix of Step-Up and Bodypump, so, one song you get your heart rate up by doing various combinations of steps and jumps on a board, and the next song you “actively rest” by lifting weights and going through different muscle groups. This alternates back and forth for an hour.

Now. First of all, I just have to say that I love the instructors. The amount of energy they put in, and the amount of constant encouragement and cheers and motivational bitch slaps (in the kindest possible way, of course), while giving clear instructions AND still doing all the steps and jumps and lifting all the weights and making it look So Frikking Easy. Cheesus! Them giving a 100% makes the rest of us mortals at least able to give 80%. I used to think those types of people a little bit over the top. But, no. You need them. Without them, you give up.

So, this Powerstep class…

I do alright at the strength part. I’m not overloading and my form is okay. The Step-Up part though… Things is, I can’t help but get pulled in and try my best. I get the steps, I do the steps, foot up on the board, dip on the floor, combination, more steps… and then the music crescendos and the instructor shouts “Time to fly! Wheee!” and then it’s just not a step up on the board anymore, but a step and a jump up in the air, bouncing, flying, arms pointing like Superman.

And I am not Superman. I am not a gracious but freakily muscular bird. I am not a bouncing miracle. I am not built to fly. But I try. I try to fly.

If I hadn’t been a Step-Up freak in my late teens, I don’t know if I would be able to keep up. I don’t have the best coordination, especially not when I start to get tired my brain goes dumb, and that’s when all the combinations starts to feel way to complicated. Luckily most of them are Step-Up standards. But… you know… with super-bouncy high jumps.

It’s crazy fun. And I sweat like hell. And it’s only an hour. I can do an hour. And I feel awesome afterwards.

Fly! Fly, my pretties!

P.S. This is what you do in powerstep if you’re interested