Thoughts about books and things

I hit me the other day that I have done a bit more reading lately, but have done a poor job documenting what books I am actually reading. I’ve always enjoyed my friend Hanna’s blog posts about what she’s been reading and how many books in a year she’s gone through, and also lately I have really been enjoying quite a lot of booktubes. They are quite addicting and lovely to listen too as I craft or whatever, and always makes me want to rush out to a bookstore and spend all my money. Or book a trip somewhere, and hit the bookstore at the airport to pick up some crisp, new books with happy covers, which is one of my travel indulgences.

I do have an account on Goodreads and use it quite a lot to search for new books and read reviews, but am absolutely useless at actually keeping track of my books. I sort of really wish I’d been using it much much longer and much more efficiently. But, it is sort of another “social media platform” to keep track on and honestly, nowadays I have to ask for a new password almost every time I have to log into any site whatsoever, ‘cause I just can’t keep track anymore.

I used to keep a notebook with a reading list that I crossed off as I went. Now I keep track using the classic “pile system”: One pile on my nightstand is books I want to read, one pile is the books I’ve finished the last couple of months or so.

It sort of irks my rather categorical and organizing brain to have been so careless with this issue, and it rather stresses me out that I haven’t kept my accounts in order. If there would have been one thing  I would have liked to leave behind for posterity, it would be a big fat book about my books. I love my books.

On the other hand, if I try to reason with myself, reading is a completely pleasurable passed-time for me now. I used to study literature for years and had a dense reading list with books I had to cram through, now I read for pleasure. And keeping an account of all the books I read might not be as important as just enjoying it. Even if I do enjoy documenting things.

So all these thoughts where rumbling around in my head and then stumbled on this post on Tumblr:

·         It doesn’t matter how many books you read.

·         It doesn’t matter how many books others read.

·         Don’t worry too much about your reading goal.

·         Don’t judge others on their preferences.

·         Nobody likes book snobs.

·         Don’t worry about how many books you own.

·         Don’t force yourself to read books.

·         You can put a book down if you aren’t enjoying it.

·         Life’s too short to read books you don’t like.

·         You are allowed to reread books as many times as you want.

·         Ebooks are books and they’re great.

·         Audio books are books and they’re great.

·         Physical books are great too.

·         You are still valid. You are still a reader. It literally doesn’t matter how or what you read.

·         Don’t worry about what everyone else is reading.

·         Don’t worry about other opinions.

·         Read what you want.

And I felt it was a good reminder. Yay for reading!