In just three days we had ALL the snow. ALL of it. Then is started to melt. Then it froze again. So now Stockholm is just a slippery, cold, uneven ice rink. My way to work was just one long, slow shuffling with me flailing my arms in desperation and exclaiming “Hooh!” every third step as my feet made an involuntary Riverdance tap. Honestly, it’s like freaking  Arendelle when it’s been completely frozen by Queen Elsa.

This winter just don’t want to make up its mind what kind of winter it wants to be; super-cold and wonderlandish, or quite mild and tolerable. Temperatures this week as already ranged between +5 and -8 degrees. My handbag is stuffed with various articles of clothing to survive in any event; thick jumpers, scarfs,  and legwarmers and warm hats and mittens and thinner scarfs and less warm hats and gloves. It’s chaos, I tell ya! It’s like lugging around half your winter wardrobe.

Other than that I CANNOT BELIEVE it’s already the 13th of January. What the even heck? I was gonna start this year with a bang, get shit done and stuff. And… stuff! Instead I basically spent the first week of the year in my PJ’s and warm, fuzzy socks, and then had to go back to work.

I DID however get a ton of questing done in Ferelden, hunting dragons and fighting evil and suchlike, so, in a way I suppose I started my year being a hero. In PJ’s and warm fuzzy socks.