What’s up?

I haven’t blogged in a long while, and I have missed writing down words and putting them together into some sort of sentences, so here’s a haphazardly random blog post about my rather mundane life.

So, I’ll just imagine that you, dear reader, just turned to me with a glass of rosé in your hand, asking me: “Giiirl, what’s up in your life?!”. And I’ll be like “Hey giiirl, so much is going on!”. Of course, in this scenario, I am also holding a glass of rosé, and I might just have exaggerated a bit, because, not all that much HAS been going on, in my opinion. Rather, I have been trying to save up some energy to do much at all, by not doing much at all. I’m getting there. Somewhere I will find my balance, and I won’t feel as out of sorts anymore. I have a pile of “important things I really want to pay attention to and sort out”, including all of my correspondence for this spring, sorting out permission for my driver’s license, backing up my photos (yikes), possibly actually post-process some of them and generally just get my life in the state of order that I like, that sweet spot of order that makes the squishy insides of my brain relax.

So, let’s go: Giiirl, what’s up? Well, the biggest news is that I got a new job. It all went very quickly, so I am still in a state of surprise. I applied for a job I was really interested in, got to go to a couple of interviews and then signed the papers within ten days. How the heck that happened I do not know. I guess sometimes it’s just about luck and timing.

Been at the new place  for a few weeks now, and my brain still thinks that I am on some sort of temporary visit, and that I’m going back to my old job any time soon. It’s a weird feeling. I was at my old place for over six years, so I was pretty set in my ways. So far I’ve managed to end up in the right place in the mornings, but it wouldn’t surprise me if one day I’d just go on auto pilot and go to my old place. Wont I be confused… Better stock to a strict coffee breakfast.

As far as timing goes, the two weeks we’d booked for going over to the UK this spring to visit family happened to be booked just a couple of weeks before I started my new job. So that was lucky! It was so lovely to see the in-laws again, as always. I wish we could go see them a bit more often.

We spent time with the family, took a small weekend trip to the Eden Project in Wales, and spent a couple of days in London. I took a ton of photos! If I can get my ass in gear, I’ll post some of them here.

These are the main events recently. Other than that I have mostly been trying to get my mojo back after a rather challenging start of the year. There was quite a few months where I spent most of my energy at my job, so I am far behind with everything else. Email, correspondence, seeing friends, seeing family, gaming, crafting. Books have been piling up on my bedside table. I haven’t been very good company to Jed. I’ve missed birthdays and other important occasions.

I am slowly catching up; with life, with happiness, with inspiration. I’ve been focusing on slowing things down and centering my life around things that will make me feel relaxed and give me energy. Sometimes that thing has just been about doing nothing at all. Sometimes it has been about letting go of thoughts and trying to craft and create art. It’s not always easy to find your way back. It’s a bit like yoga; you have to strengthen your core to find balance.

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  1. Whee, so good to see you writing!
    I’ve had the same trend in my life, maybe not for the same reasons though. For the last couple months (or year?) I’ve found myself with a lot of time on my own, which is fantastic and I absolutely love it. But it’s had the effect that now I suddenly feel like… spending time with people. Which is weird and doesn’t really feel like *me*. 😀
    Good luck getting all the different parts figured out, I’m sure it’ll be worth the effort in the end. <3

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