I’m Down with the Dog

So, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve joined  yoga class. Like, one of those proper hippie ones in a basement that smells of incense, one of those classes where participants actually do the weird, heavy breathing and look ridiculously healthy and peaceful, where the instructor actually moves around during class correcting your positions (yeah…). As you can probably discern from the language I am using right now, I obviously have some preconceptions about this.

But I LOVE yoga. I always have. I‘ve just never gotten very far with it, because I’ve always done yoga in big gym with instructors that are going through the motion and don’t explain things properly, big gyms that are always packed with people and where it’s usually hard to even get a slot for yoga because everyone pre-books the very second the slots are released.

So now I’ve signed up for a class where the spot will always be mine. The instructor is great. The people are nice. Nobody is shoving you to get more room. And like I said, the instructor actually corrects your stances.

For instance, whenever people in the past have said “Ooh, Downward Dog is such a wonderful resting position”, I’ve been all like “Fudge you, lady! Downward dog is fudging breaking my back and killing my shoulders, what the fudge are you talking about?!”. And then I went to this class. I was standing in the Downward Dog position and was shaking all over and feeling like a proper noob, even after ten-twelve years of now-and-then yoga, when the instructor comes over and just… corrects it. And I get it. And it actually IS kind of a resting position, after all. And my brains goes “Ahaaaaa… Gee, now I love this even more”.

This dog isn’t doing Downward Dog, it’s doing the Cobra
This dog might be doing Downward Dog
This dog might be doing Downward Dog
I have no idea what this position is called...
I have no idea what this position is called…


I don’t even know where I was going with this post, because I have distracted myself with funny dog pictures… Oh yeah! Do you sorta like something and would like to like it some more? Consider taking a class. It’s fun.

Also, the name Downward Dog is funny. I can’t help giggling every time I say it. Because I’m twelve.

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  1. Never tried yoga myself, but it sounds so nice that you’ve found something you enjoy doing. 🙂
    I like swimming and “styrketräning” but we haven’t gotten started yet since the move. Oh well, I still burn calories lifting stuff etc. 😉

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