Bloody Monday

It’s a new year with new, but still very uncommitted and undefined, hopes and expectations. A new year with new wonderful fandoms waiting around the corner, new books to read, new games to play, new music to discover… Likewise, there’s that warm and fuzzy feeling in the belly regarding reacquainting oneself with the old (favourite shows airing a new season, past fandoms making a comeback, reading old books, rediscovering ones favourite music, and possibly maybe logging in to one’s old accounts in one’s old favourite games and say hello to one’s old characters). One of the beauties with being a geek is how one can very easily get equally enthused by both the past and the future, because there is Just So Much Goodness.

But I digress. This was supposed to be some sort of recap. Have i actually done ANYTHING yet, in 2013? Doesne’t feel like it. Here goes!



Post-Christmas WTF:

  • It seems that we still have Christmas in our house, because ALL THE DECORATIONS ARE STILL UP. Because I am inherently lazy. And I am also very good at just… stop noticing stuff. The only thing I did to de-christmasify in our home was to take the red table cloth off the dining table. Jed suggested we’d just through a blanket over the Christmas tree and leave it there for next year. I feel inclined to agree.
  • Besides the decorations, there are still a plethora of other post-Christmas stuff lying around; boxes, ribbons, gifts, Christmas cards and crafting stuff. Maybe I should just give up and celebrate a 2nd Christmas.
  • One really fun post-Christmas WTF is that we got a sausage-maker-extension for my Electrolux kitchen assistant, and that we successfully have made our first batch of our own sausages (English-type bangers). They turned out GREAT. And we know exactly what is in them, which feels epic.


  • You know what? I haven’t picked up and started to read a book yet, this year. And January is almost over. Shame. Shame! I have been listening to podcasts and reading blogs like crazy, but not picked out the first book to read this year. But that will soon be mended, because I got two GREAT books to read from my friend Micu for Christmas, so I am not in a panic. Think I will try to make an effort and register more books on this year. My friend Hanna is very good at this and it’s fun to follow! I like it.


  • I finally got to see The Hobbit! About a month or more after the rest of nerdverse, but still! Yes, I went to see it in 3D and with the higher frame rate, I did, and I only did because I am a sucker that can’t NOT do that when I have the option. And I sort of regret it and wish I’d just gone and seen the normal version. I love the story, of course, and some bits of the movie was truly amazing, but watching it I couldn’t help but feel sometimes that I had been thrown into a camp of larpers. I loved the movie – awesome actors, beautifully made, funny in many place – but I wasn’t as blown away as when I saw Lord of the Rings. But I will see it again. Many, many times.


I have been on a YouTube bender lately. There’s just so much fun happening right now, people producing their own stuff and making their own channels, with no networks involved. Exciting times!

  • I am of course completely hooked on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice (which, naturally, is on my all-time-high-must-read book list). This show was created by another YouTube favourite of mine, Hank Green, from the Vlog Brothers. Also, so much fun that one of the characters is just allowed to break free and pursue her own story line, showing us stuff that the original book never portraits. Love it! If I would call this The Most Epic FanFic Ever, would somebody hit me in the head?
  • Another great YouTube series is Squaresville, which will soon be back with more eps. Woo!
  • My drunk kitchen. It’s not only that watching someone cook and and get drunk at the same time just clicks with me like a warm carrot-onsie hug, but also, Hanna Hart is adorable and seems so genuinely charming.


My most recent loves include:

  • Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler. So many awesome interviews with interesting people, ranting about video games, action movies, comic books, fast machines, sex, small batch spirits, bar fights, and blowing sh*t up
  • Risk with Kevin Allison. True stories, boldly told. It is a live show and podcast where poeple tell true stories they thought they would never share in public. Some are funny, some sad, some horrifying, but all in all:  Good stories!


  • Shamefully low amount of gaming during the last month. As a gamer I always expect to have oodles of time to vegetate in front of my PC or Xbox during the holidays, and just have days and days where gaming is always more prioritized than, say, showering. This wasn’t the case this Christmas, so now I feel like I have to sort of schedule my gaming in Google calendar or something.
  • I did however get to have a whole day of pew pew with some work mates, game of choice that day was Blops II. It really was a lot of fun, much thanks to actually playing with your peeps in the same room, nobody taking it too seriously or anything like that.
  • Of course I am stuck in the android-app-game-hell where I am playing some game or another that needs upkeep and activity every day if you don’t feel like spending any actual money on it (that would be the day that hell froze over). There’s been a variety of parks full of dragons or monsters or balloon animals or whatevs, and at some point you just cannot build anything new or fun and all you do is collect gold or sparkles or candy canes or the like. That’s when I uninstall it. Then on to the next one. It’s a vicious, time-stealing circle of non-life. Sometimes I remind myself that this sort of everyday grinding was the exact reason I stopped playing SimCity and the Sims and WoW and a whole bunch of other games. And then I uninstall some more apps.
  • I might or might not have tried to patch the latest updates in EQ2… It took ages and I fell asleep on the couch and didn’t get a chance to log in. Which is probably just as well. I miss that game every day, but I know what happens if I start playing it. I will start to manage my characters as if it was a career. I have so much invested in my two accounts, I cannot leave any character behind and just play and go on adventures with one of them. And I cannot get used to the free-to-play version, I am so sorry. It’d have to be the full monty (e.g. two full subscriptions) or nothing. I think if I would invest more time in an excisting MMO right now it would be in a game where I only have one toon, still. Like Rift or Secret World…
  • But there is always the lofty promise of EQ Next in 2013…
  • I should stop rambling now.



That’s it, peeps! Have some coffee. Eat some chocolate. Have a good day!



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  1. finally a long list of news about you, yaay:)still cant comment on games (have no idea about most of these:) ) but I am happy for you:)

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