The Obligatory New Year’s Woot

This is the obligatory New Year Woot Woot blog post! Happy new year! A bit late, maybe, but never the less.

I should have taken down our Christmas tree the other day, but instead I ate some chocolate. Chocolate is said to: decrease the risk of a stroke, reduce the likelihood of a heart attack, control coughs, and help you with your mental math. Since I’ve been pretty stressed out the last year, and got a cold worthy of Golgomath that has left me coughing for over a month, I felt that my choice was a valid priority. Also, I am trying to be frugal and budgety this year, so I’m sure that mental math thing will help too. In fact, I might need to buy new chocolate.

Christmas was thoroughly enjoyable and full of good stuff, such as family time, sweet gifts and homemade food. It was celebrated at our house this year, and because of this the cat had a very busy time with his  strict kitty controls (everything new we bring into our apartment must be sat upon, slept upon, scratched or chewed little bit, and then loudly and promptly meowed at. If whatever item it is can take that, it’s approved. And possibly elected to be his new favourite sleeping spot).

I have not made any official “new year’s resolutions”, but I inevitably have a long, mental list of things I would like to achieve and hopes about what this year will bring. Some of them I have written down in my notebook, some of them I have shared with those close to me, but I will not announce it here in any sort of fancy fashion. There are some things I have DECIDED to do this year, as a challenge for myself, and I have noticed that Big Announcements kills the whole thing for me. And I don’t want to squash the spark.

I have however used an app on my phone to always display a short bullet point list of things I want to remember to do more often. Because I’ve realized I’m too easily distracted to actually remember those things I wish I did more often. I look at this list as a friendly reminder to myself. So far it seems to work pretty well.

We have already had a heck of a lot of snow in Stockholm this winter. A few weeks before Christmas the skies just opened up and the snow would just not stop falling. We had a proper white Christmas, yay! Then it melted and became icy (with complimentary icy rain that blows right up in your face) and then it snowed some more. It’s a whole snowy/icy/slippery/slushy mess. And winter ain’t even over. Usually February is the most winteriest of months, and then it’s a guessing game whether spring will come early (will there be bare ground in March?) or late (will we have frekking snow still falling in May?).

What I yearn for is a bit of daylight. Some sun. All we have right now are heavy clouds. But it will surely clear up in a few weeks. Days will start to become a little bit longer. In a month or two there might even be the slightest bit of light on the horizon when I go to work in the mornings. Then the snow will melt and the streets will be swept of all the gravel, and then we can wear comfy sneakers again, and wear scarfs because it’s cute, rather than because we need to dress ourselves in a cocoon to protect ourselves from the cold. We’ll be able to have a cup of coffee outside in the fresh air. Feel some sun on our cheeks. And it shall be glorious.


Snow day - But I never get to stay home

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  1. I have totally forgotten what it was I wanted to post here, but then couldn’t because of some WordPress fail. 🙂
    So here I am and I just wanna say that… I can post! Yey! And you are supercute in that pic. <3

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