34 Things Since My Last Birthday – Because I Love Lists

Oh my goodness! The end of November 2012, already? I have my birthday in November, so now I have turned 34. Since I am very fond of lists and retrospective round-ups, I’m posting a random list of 34 random things I have done since my last birthday (here I would like to add, in a fit of completely unnecessary honesty, that I typed 24 instead of 34. Three times in a row… Meh).

Since my last birthday I have:

  1. had a goal to do something creative every day for 365 days
  2. not done something creative every day for 365 days, but a lot of them none the less, and have had the most creative year in a long, long time
  3. handmade a lot of gifts for friends and family
  4. shipped some of my handmade items from my Etsy store all over the world
  5. attended a gorgeous, fairytale wedding in England whilst suffering from double-sided pneumonia
  6. visited London Zoo with my darling Jed
  7. climbed the Giotto bell tower in Florence for the second time in my life
  8. ended up in the yearly Chianti festival in Greve, by luck and happenstance
  9. went on a romantic weekend to Copenhagen with my boo
  10. found a wonderful pen friend, Micu
  11. gotten many lovely letters in my mailbox
  12. met my penfriend Micu in real life!
  13. started making mail art more regularly
  14. started the project Mail a Smile with my friend Micu! (We still need help! Check out the blog!)
  15. gotten an Espresso story published over here
  16. taken some portraits of my friend Cecilia (you can see some of them here)
  17. participated with 3 photos in Photo Sunday(click here to see)
  18. participated in the worldwide event Aday.org with these here photos
  19. took photos at the 1 year anniversary of my friend Vanja’s awesome SwapShop (have a look in their FB album)
  20. started a small photo blog, but haven’t found a good theme for it yet
  21. , like the crazy cat lady I am, celebrated my cats 7th birthday
  22. reread “The hobbit”
  23. read The Little Prince
  24. filled two notebooks with miscellaneous ramblings, lists, doodles, plans and projects
  25. learned how to make crumpets
  26. played The Secret World
  27. played Rift
  28. played Halo 4
  29. had several crafting crops in my home
  30. documented a lot of good memories
  31. made several scrapbook layouts, some of my favourites: this, thisand this
  32. drunk oodles and oodles of tea and wah-hay too much coffee
  33. found new friendships
  34. had a lovely, lovely year with Jed

Now, I would like to extend the list to things that happened just around/after my birthday, many awesome things, but that would be cheating, so I’ll save that for another post.

2 Replies to “34 Things Since My Last Birthday – Because I Love Lists”

  1. sounds like a nice year:) wish you an even better one for nextyear:) your are indeed 24, I won’t believe you are 34 until you show me your birth certificate
    (btw: you mentioned my name way too many times..)

  2. If you had your birthday in November, that means I missed it. :/ Aw shucks. I’m sorry! Happy belated birthday! Did you get anything nice that you had wished for? 🙂

    How nice to have a pen-pal! 😀 I love that sort of thing. Used to write long handwritten letters back in the days of my childhood, but now an email means just as much. 🙂

    I hope everything is well with you (seems to be?). I miss you! I wanna get together, but where can one find the time? Do you know? Give my best to Jed. 🙂 Hugs!

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