Happy Birthday, Little Guy

This is how my little Sixxten looked seven years ago:

I can’t believe he’s seven years old now! It doesn’t seem like that long ago when he climbed up in my lap, the heaviest little lump of the litter.Since then he has been a constant funny, entertaining, comforting, annoying, talkative, playful, cheeky, fluffy, hairy bundle of joy. It would be very empty without him.

Of course we had to make him a little tuna mousse cake:

Happy birthday, little buddy. Thank you for always sleeping on my belly when my tummy is aching, and waking me up in time for work on weekdays.

6 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Little Guy”

  1. Adorable! I just love the second picture, his face! And Sixxten must have been the cutest kitten ever! Send him a Happy Grats snuggle from me (or just a paper bag for him to sit in).

  2. Men gud vilka söta bilder! Jag dör!
    Den första bilden är ju otrolig! Och jag är ingen kattmänniska, let me tell you that much. 😉
    Ändras ögonen så mycket genom åren alltså? Hoppas han gillade sin tårtbit. ^^

  3. Thank you everyone for your comments and congratulations! On behalf of Sixxten, i say: “Meow!”

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