Drabblecast and Podcast Junkie

Podcasts has become one of my staples in life. Who’d have thunk? I’ve gone from having a constant stream of music in my ears to a half-time podcast junkie. There are so many great ones out there, well produced, good sound quality (which is a must, or I can’t concentrate), and one for every possible topic one could be interested in. I just love the fact that so many people out there have so much motivation and enthusiasm, and spend time and effort on producing great content about things they love, and that they share it.

One favourite podcast of late, thanks to my friend Oakfairy, is Drabblecast. This podcast is completely addictive to me, and I am working my way through the archives in a fast pace, like the story glutton that I am.

Drabblecast has strange stories for strange listeners, it’s a free, weekly, audio fiction podcast featuring short stories at the far side of weird. So, in other words, loads of the stories that fascinates me the most, like post-apocalyptic stories, or stories inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.

These are some of my favourite episodes of late (but as I am going through the archive I am very sure I will find many more):

As I said, the content of this wonderful podcast is free and non-profit. However, if you appreciate the show, you can always donate, and all donations goes towards paying the writers of the stories. So, as a fan, of course I donated!

 Anyway, hope you will enjoy this podcast as well. Happy Wednesday!