Bloody Monday

I haven’t done a recap in a while, because of… because of… because of reasons! (Nah, just the regular boring reasons, like work and flue and summer). I would say nothings interesting has happened and you didn’t missed a thing, but that’s not true! Lot’s of interesting things have happened this summer! You know, besides my double-sided pneumonia. Let’s see:

I’ve been taking photos:

I’ve been crafting:


  • Playing The Secret World and LOOOOOVING it. But there are not enough hours in a week, I need more time to game!
  • Stressing myself out about the Halo 4 release. Need to play through all the previous games first. Again. It’s a bit like when you’ve been waiting for book number 6 in a great book series for YEARS and need to read them all again before you can read the new one.
  • Also: Dear Kinect, we love you. Sorry for not playing with you in a while.
  • Me and Jed had a proper, dice-rolling RPG night with some friends the other night! We started on an adventure set in Mutant. Soooooo many years ago… So much fun! But I felt really, really rusty!


  • My friend Micu introduced me to Mail Art. I wrote about it over here! Now we are working on setting up a blog dedicated to this project, and it will be completely cool and amazing. Anybody can make art. Why not use it to cheer someone up? Keep your eyes open for more about this, very soon!

In other news:

Sixxten the Cat likes to lounge.


That’s it for tonight! Stay safeses, everyone!