In Other News – It’s Friday!

First week after vacation is always a bust. Whenever I have proper time off my body clock sets for my natural, comfortable geek schedule that I have had since I was ten years old, i.e. at night I am REALLY AWAKE! and my brain is REALLY ACTIVE! and my general state of mind is SLEEP IS BORING I HAVE SO MANY FUN THINGS I WANT TO DO!

Whenever I am on my compulsory grown-up schedule (the I-have-to-go-to-work-in-the-mornings one) I still don’t sleep well, but still get out of bed at six. Also I do generally tend to keep waking up early on weekend mornings and swear bitterly over the unfairness of life and sleep deprivation.

So, it’s Friday, first week back from vacation is over and done with, and I am grumpy, because my brain has been going non-stop all week and I am sickingly tired when I am at work, and very awake in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. Boo!

In other news this week:
My cat Sixxten was walking around on my keyboard the other night and managed to not just open a browser, but to start a google search for “50 Shades of Grey”. Seriously. It freaked me out. Was his intention to order an erotic novel, or was he doing research about 50 shades of grey fur?

This morning when we got to our regular coffee shop there was a bit of a queue. But when we got to the front of the line to make our order the girl had already prepared our usuals and all we had to do was pay. Then she gave us a big smile and wished us happy weekend. She’s such a sweetie! Walking in to a coffee shop early in the morning, after a week of no sleep, and just having someone place two large, perfect lattes (one vanilla, one regular) in front of you is nothing short of epic. She should have a super hero cape.

It’s the weekend now. I am off! Meanwhile, here’s a photo of the cute otters at the London Zoo. Toodle-pip!

5 Replies to “In Other News – It’s Friday!”

  1. How funny that I have never heard of that book before but I read your tweet about Sixteen googeling it and on the way home the first advertisement I saw in the subway was for the book “50 shades of grey”, and I have never heard of this book before:) I think you could give a small gift to the coffeshop girl,a chocolate or something like that next time, I bet she would be surprized as well:)
    Such a nice picure of the otters:)

    1. @Micu: Sometimes it’s funny like that, it’s like when you hear a word for the first time and then you see it everywhere, suddenly!

      I think that’s a good idea, surprise her 🙂

  2. I too used to have that awesome geek-schedule. Nights = creativity and gaming. I miss that so very much. Being a grown up sucks! >:( I wanna win millions of moneys so I can be rich, and therefor have more time on my hands. Blargh.

  3. Loved the picture of Otters! I have always found them very cute.

    It is true that after the compulsory grown-up schedule are very tiring. I am working in a post where I have to be always on my compulsory schedule. The thought of having one immediately after the weekends really tires me!

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