In Other News – It’s Friday!

First week after vacation is always a bust. Whenever I have proper time off my body clock sets for my natural, comfortable geek schedule that I have had since I was ten years old, i.e. at night I am REALLY AWAKE! and my brain is REALLY ACTIVE! and my general state of mind is SLEEP IS BORING I HAVE SO MANY FUN THINGS I WANT TO DO!

Whenever I am on my compulsory grown-up schedule (the I-have-to-go-to-work-in-the-mornings one) I still don’t sleep well, but still get out of bed at six. Also I do generally tend to keep waking up early on weekend mornings and swear bitterly over the unfairness of life and sleep deprivation.

So, it’s Friday, first week back from vacation is over and done with, and I am grumpy, because my brain has been going non-stop all week and I am sickingly tired when I am at work, and very awake in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. Boo!

In other news this week:
My cat Sixxten was walking around on my keyboard the other night and managed to not just open a browser, but to start a google search for “50 Shades of Grey”. Seriously. It freaked me out. Was his intention to order an erotic novel, or was he doing research about 50 shades of grey fur?

This morning when we got to our regular coffee shop there was a bit of a queue. But when we got to the front of the line to make our order the girl had already prepared our usuals and all we had to do was pay. Then she gave us a big smile and wished us happy weekend. She’s such a sweetie! Walking in to a coffee shop early in the morning, after a week of no sleep, and just having someone place two large, perfect lattes (one vanilla, one regular) in front of you is nothing short of epic. She should have a super hero cape.

It’s the weekend now. I am off! Meanwhile, here’s a photo of the cute otters at the London Zoo. Toodle-pip!

Our Vacation In One Comprehensible Bullet Point List

I have not kicked the bucket, but am now back from a three week vacation. It was maybe not the vacation we planned for, due to many unexpected events, but there were also so many good moments that the bad ones will, in time, become comical anecdotes, while the good memories will be remembered and scrapbooked and cherished. So there.

This would be a very long blog post if I were to describe the entire trip, so I’ll do it shortly in list form. Because I love bullet lists. Maybe I’ll post some photos later. Here goes:

  • Jed got pneumonia two weeks before we were going on holiday (-)
  • Jed got penicillin (+)
  • Jed got better (+)
  • I got pneumonia one week before we were going on holiday (-)
  • I got penicillin (+)
  • I realized I couldn’t have my ceremonial glass of wine on the plane (-)
  • I realized I couldn’t have any wine during the first week or our vacation (-)
  • I thought I was better (+)
  • We flew to England (+)
  • I got a bit worse (-)
  • We went and stayed with Jed’s sister (+)
  • Jed got to play BF3 with his brother-in-law (+)
  • We got to cuddle their cat Beau (+)
  • Beau had gotten arthritis and had a wonky paw (-)
  • I got to have a crumpet for breakfast (+)
  • Everyone drove up to Jed’s parents to celebrate his dad (+)
  • We had a really, really nice pub lunch with the entire family (+)
  • I got even worse (-)
  • I could hardly move without getting completely out of breath (-)
  • I realized I could hardly breathe at all (-)
  • I had to go to the hospital (-)
  • I got really good help at the hospital (+)
  • I got to try some extra oxygen for the first time (+)
  • I got a cup of tea (+)
  • In English hospitals they serve tea every other hour (+)
  • I got two more kinds of penicillin (+)
  • I realized I could not have any wine during the second week on our vacation either (-)
  • I started feeling better (+)
  • The first seven days of our vacation I was pretty much wrecked (-)
  • I still managed to buy a dress for the wedding we were invited to (+)
  • Jed found a really nice suit (+)
  • Jed looks really hot in a suit (+)
  • The weather forecast for the weekend of the wedding was pretty grim (-)
  • We got to help decorate the ancient English stone barn where the wedding party were to be held (+)
  • English people keep making cups of tea, no matter what’s going on (+)
  • The old stone barn looked completely fairytale-gorgeous when we were done (+)
  • I was well enough to celebrate our friends getting married (+)
  • They got married! (+)
  • They looked fantastic (+)
  • The outdoors ceremony was beautiful and very moving (+)
  • It didn’t rain during the outdoors ceremony (+)
  • It didn’t rain until we were all indoors (+)
  • I got to take loads of photos (+)
  • The party was a hoot (+)
  • They served pig roast (+)
  • There was an open bar (+)
  • I couldn’t drink (-)
  • They had a really nice Celtic-welsh band playing folksongs and Foo Fighters covers (+)
  • The wedding cake had a white chocolate icing that gave me quite a sugar rush (+)
  • The ancient stone barn was very, very cold (-)
  • I, the impaired, Swedish pneumonia-girl got wrapped in blankets (+)
  • People kept bringing me hot beverages (+)
  • I met a lot of really nice people (+)
  • After a week I was clearly on the mend (+)
  • But I still had the most disgusting, phlegmy cough (-)
  • And I still lost my breath when I moved (-)
  • But I went bunker hunting with pneumonia, because I am that bad-ass (+)
  • We found bunkers! (+)
  • We got bitten by a million mosquitos and Jed is very allergic (-)
  • Jed almost got septicemia (-)
  • Jed DIDN’T get septicemia. This time. (+)
  • We went on an outing with Jed’s mom to look for a crazy sheep shed built by a crazy architect (+)
  • We FOUND the crazy sheep shed built by a crazy architect (+)
  • We went to our favourite antique bookstore and found books and maps (+)
  • I finally took my last penicillin before our last weekend in England (+)
  • We went to London and stayed in a cosy hotel (+)
  • Turns out I was allergic to the penicillin and I got a severe allergic reaction causing burning rashes all over my arms and legs (-)
  • I had to walk around in London with warm, all-covering clothes during a heat-wave (-)
  • I had to buy a pretty dress with long sleeves (+)
  • I walked around London for three days with a burning rash all over my arms and legs, because I am that bad-ass (+)
  • Jed and I had lunch and dinner at a really nice Italian restaurant just across the street from the hotel and I finally got to have a glass of wine (+)
  • The served the tastiest olives I have ever eaten outside of Italy (+)
  • Some of my favourite museums were only a 10 minute walk from the hotel (+)
  • We finally got to go back to the Natural History Museum and see the blue whale (+)
  • Entrance to some of my favourite museums in London is free (+)
  • We had a long and lovely walk through Hyde Park (+)
  • My legs were burning quite a bit from all the walking (-)
  • I had half a day on my own and went to crafting- and paper shops and had lots of coffee (+)
  • We walked down Charing Cross Road and looked in loads of book shops (+)
  • We spent our last day in London at the London Zoo! (+)
  • They had monkeys! (+)
  • They had tigers! (+)
  • They had penguins and otters! (+)
  • We took loads of photos of monkeys and tigers and penguins and otters! (+)
  • I got to spend a really nice weekend in London with my boo (+)
  • Then we got to spend a whole day with Jed’s sister (+)
  • But she’d gotten acute chest infection (-)
  • Possibly from me (-)
  • We went to a lovely town by the sea and went shopping and looked at old ships and had dinner (+)
  • I still looked like a polka dot burn victim (-)
  • But I had pneumonia no more (+)
  • And Beau’s paw was also better (+)
  • We were in time at the airport (+)
  • The baggage drop was chaotic and took an alarmingly long time (-)
  • We had 20 minutes to get through security and get to the gate (-)
  • We got through security and got to the gate in 20 minutes (+)
  • I had some wine on the plane home (+)
  • Me and Jed came home safely with all our luggage (+)

So, that was our holiday trip. In short.