Bloody Monday

Hello world and happy frikkin’ Monday! I haven’t done a Bloody Monday recap in a while, and there’s a lot going on, so I thought I’d sit down and sort of try to feel organised and such. Bam!






  • Every xmas I get nostalgic about my one true MMORPG-love: Everquest 2. So, of course I’ve pottered about doing loads of xmas content this time as well. With both accounts. And I started a little Ratonga Beast Master. So… 11 characters and counting…
  • Xbox Kinect: Got a Kienct for Jed for xmas, and it’s great fun! Every time I use it I’m a bit amazed by how well it works. My mum got one from dad with a Zumba game, need to go over there and try it out 🙂 We tried some Zumba on xmas eve but couldn’t keep it up for long, we were laughing to hard. We’re playing the fitness game a lot these days, believe it or not, it’s actually quite fun.


  • I watched the documentary The Dungeon Masters (available here).  I used to be in some RP-groups a long time ago and know a lot of people who are still very active both in gaming groups and as larpers, so a lot of the content felt very familiar. The documentary follow three individuals and their connection to the game Dungeons & Dragons. It covers their D&D life, but soon we get to follow their struggles in their personal life as well, and how they deal with them.
  • I watched Black Swan with Natalie Portman. It creeped me out. Quite liked the buildup of the story and how the insanity followed the story in the actual ballet. Clever.
  • We went to the movies and saw the English version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I think they did a good job. As the characters was introduced I started grinning to myself because I knew what would happen in the end and how well, for instance, Stellan Skarsgård was casted for his role. It was WEIRD though to see it in a Swedish setting, and having the characters suddenly say “Skål!” (“Cheers” in Swedish).


  • I am hugely into Tim Minchin right now. His lyrics cheer me up.

Projects 2012:

  • I have embarked on a project to create something every day. Just before xmas I found this book called 365: A Daily Creativity Journal by Noah Scalin. It’s a year’s worth of prompts, with room to make notes and plans or doodles, and I think it’s pretty neat. I don’t follow the prompts blindly, though, if I have another idea I will jump on that instead. Read my initial blogpost over at Jen&Tricks here. So far so good, I have done something creative every day this year. It’s all being documented in my crafting blog, so if you want to see what I’ve done so far, this is a link for that category on that blog.
  • One Photo a Day: I’ve committed myself to take at least one photo of my everyday life, every single day this year. It can be taken with whatever camera I have handy; my 60D, my phone, my lomo, my fisheye, it doesn’t matter. I decided to do this because of several things: I noticed that last year I took a lot of random photos with my phone, and flicking through them has been a bit like looking through a diary. Also, last year’s Week in the Life made me want MORE, I like documenting my life. Also, I now have this big old book I plan to use for the documentation. The result I hope for is some sort of comprehensive documentation of my life where I can highlight the positive things in my life and see some sort of progress.
  • Self-portraits: I’ve also joined Urban Muser’s project “in the picture”, a self-portrait endeavour, and I hope that by the end of the year I will have taken 12 pictures of myself. This is also in the interest of progress, but also I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes, further down the line, it’s actually nice to have some photos of yourself. January’s theme is “a piece of me”.


  • I was a bit surprised to find my little shop to be almost empty after xmas. The things I’ve put up there are things I love myself, so of course it makes my heart happy when other people like them too! Just the other week someone ordered one of my favourite items, the Plastic Fantastic Pony Earrings. So, right now I’m working on getting some more stuff up there. I have quite a few pieces I just haven’t had time to post, mostly my PMC silver pendants.

Other stuff I’ve done recently that I approve of: