No Christmas without Halo

I don’t know about everyone else, but I know that the closer we get to Christmas, the more I want to spend all my time gaming. You know: snugly, warm Christmas holiday spent gaming in monkey pj’s. Completely natural. Right now I’m back in Everquest 2 for the Xmas content and generally rocking my own guild hall, and playing my way through Halo Anniversary.

Inspired by this, and by Xmas cheer, I’ve made a few gamer ornaments for our tree. Like this Halo Anniversary bauble:


Merry Christmas to all and every nerd!

2 Replies to “No Christmas without Halo”

    1. Macy, isn’t it wicked!? I love it myself, being a big Halo fan. (Your son has great taste!)

      Actually, it wasn’t too complicated, just took a bit of patience: Print black & white halo motif on the back of white tissue paper (so not the shiny side). I printed it with a laserjet, not sure if it works with inkjet. Then carefully decoupage it on a silver Christmas bauble. Hang to dry. Done!

      Let me know if you made one, I’d love to see it!

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