It’s Not Cheating

In Sweden it’s pretty common to decorate the Christmas tree the day before Christmas eve. That’s what we’ve always done in our family at least. But then Jed said that they do it much earlier in the UK. And I really like Christmas. It’s sentimental, I know. But I really like it. So who am I to say we have to wait? I really need Christmas this year, I need some cheering up. And Jed got us this tree, which I decorated last night. The cat loves it too (he chews on it from time to time when he feels peckish). Also, I made a Halo bauble. And a Day of Defeat bauble (I’ll try and put up a picture later). That’s the upside of being a crafty geek! So, pretty cool tree, all in all, I think.

6 Replies to “It’s Not Cheating”

        1. @AwesomeLania: We should totally start an awesome club, invade Hanna & Janne, have cake and glΓΆgg, and be totally awesome… πŸ™‚

  1. Is that tradition to decorate the tree that is already there or to put it up and decorate it that day? I wonder if you have an undecorated tree up for a few days?

    1. Heya! I Don’t think it’s very usual to keep the tree undecorated indoors very much before Xmas. In Sweden I think it’s more usual to take in the tree and decorate it all on the night before Xmas eve. πŸ™‚

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