NaNoWriMo on my Doorstep

Okay folks, this is not a drill. It’s just a few hours until midnight, until November, and with it NaNoWriMo.

I gotta say; I’ve tried this thing for many years now in any way possible, it feels like I’ve been trying to cure a severe case of the hiccups (“No, you should try and write it upside down, that should do it!”). I’ve written in Swedish, I’ve written in English, I’ve mixed the two up completely. I’ve tried planning everything to the nail, and I’ve gone all Lord of the Flies on my arse and not planned anything at all. I’ve written by hand, I’ve written in Notepad, and I’ve used some sort of software. Night time, daytime, chocolate, wine, electrical shortage, network outage, theme music from action movies and dramas, instrumental, opera, utter silence. Many tries and only one “win”, and even then it wasn’t all that great, mostly just poop on a page (or many pages, although, I’ve never actually printed any of it out, so it’s digital… oh, never mind).

The word count has varied a great deal every year. 10k, 25, 37… and that one time I actually finished. One unusually grim November I wrote three pages (but when I look back at them I sort of like them, so I don’t mind).

For me it’s always been a lot about just starting, just writing, and if I make it I make it. But anything I produce is most probably more than I usually write in a month nowadays, if you only count creative writing and storytelling.

This year I have my notebook full of almost unreadable scribbles of about 7-8 different stories and characters. As I flipped through them today I felt a bit downhearted. Use one of them? Come up with something new? No plot, no problem, right? Also, I realised I could basically base all the characters loosely on an aspect of myself. Slightly unnerving (“Write what you know!” screams my inner editor in the voice of Joey’s agent in “Friends”… why is that?!).

Then I had that completely wonderful moment when I saw a very specific theme in all of them and suddenly I saw no problem using ALL of them all at once.

Go me.

So that’s what I’ll do. All my little characters can come play. Nobody have to feel left out. Although at least one of them will get killed off, of course.

Hey, this is 414 words already, can I use them?