The End Bit of the Weekend

So, it’s almost midnight and this weekend will be over. This is the ass end of a weekend. No big accomplishments this weekend. I didn’t save the world and I didn’t win a billion dollars. There were no zombies to fight. But we baked bread:

It was very delicious. Two loafs for no money at all, healthier and tastier. Only problem is that you eat it all in two days. So, you end up eating more bread than you’d usually do. Less inexpensive and less healthy. Although life quality increases by 12 points. At least.Points I could really use, there’s way to much stuff going on.

In a desperate attempt to relax I had a dip in the jacuzzi and a spot of single malt. It worked very well. Until the single malt wore off. But if I go to bed now I get almost 6 hours of sleep, if I’m lucky, so, I leave you with this rendition of Sixxten as a dubious (or constipated) detective. Night!