Old Home New Home, part 3

This was the first place we went to look at, way back in January. We went just for fun, really. It was way too bright and nice and spacious, and so did at least another 15 couples think as well, who all looked very pregnant, desperate and rich. We didn’t bid. Of course we didn’t. We a budget, and the bidding war was in the air. So we left, saying that it was really great but we could never afford it. One day, maybe.

Then, about 3 months later, when we were on holiday, we found out that it was up for sale again. For a lower price than expected. The bidders had backed out, the moving-in date didn’t suite them. But it sure as hell suited us. We called the estate agent, from England, and said that we’ve seen it, we had the cash, and we *** wanted it. Many other people called as well, but wanted private viewings, and the sellers just wanted to close the deal.

So we signed papers, and faxed them, from Italy, with the assistance of my parents and the estate agent and the nice people in reception. I think, with fixing up my place and selling it, and going on holiday, and talk to banks, and buy a new home at the same time, we’ve mastered the art of multitasking by now.

And then… we have to wait. Six weeks all in all, but it’s only a little under two weeks left now. And then we can finally move in.



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