This week’s favourite spam


”This blog is awesooommmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee, nice dude, cant wait to read more from ya.”
On my post about Fukushima an Chernobyl. Awesome… dude…

“Thans for the nice post.really appreciate YOU — thanks a lot!”
Thans, cheap-bags-man! That means a lot.

“I learned a lot from your blog here, continue to walk.”
I promise I will. I’m gonna keep on walking, keep on walking…

“howdy, exalted blog on lardy loss. similar helped.”
Howdy! Yes, the lardy loss is a big theme on my blog, thanks for noticing!

“Thank himself forth exercise this! A OK night ahead oneself abbreviation it can’t minstrel pending define plural.”
Now you’re just trying to make my brain hurt!


*empties spam folder*