Do it yourself?

No. Do it with HELP.

At work, waiting for the coffee to brew. Every time someone swoops through the kitchen door there’s this incredible smell and you can hear the sputtering puttering splosh from the coffee maker. So close, yet so far away. I really need it this morning. My body aches, my eyes feel gravelly and, weirdly, my head feels like a dried up sponge.

With a lot of help from Jed (bless) I’ve been sprucing up my apartment. We’ve done a crazy amount of work in a very short time, and honestly, I’m too old for this shit. Or maybe it’s just the fact that us geeks are simply not made for manual labour. Will my muscles ever recover?! I’m rather proud of us, we really did a heck of a lot and we did it well. The place looks awesome. I could never have done this without Jed. He’s an awesome geek in so many ways, but on top of that he is incredibly handy with any sort of tool and finding clever solutions to any DIY problem. He impresses me every day.

With all the DIY and moving stuff around and getting rid of years of junk and utter crappy chaos at work, all other things has been put on hold. Gaming, photography, books, crafting, writing, friends… I’ve missed so many calls, haven’t had time to reply to tweets or comment on my friend’s blogs. I hope to get back to all that after our holiday. Right now I’m just to exhausted to even think about it. I need more coffee.

Rena karusellen

Det händer inte så mycket här just nu. Det beror på att jag håller på att fixa till min lägenhet. Tänkte få ordning på livet, universum och allting innan jag drar iväg på semester. Så jag målar, sorterar, kastar, flyttar runt saker. Det är rena karusellen, faktiskt, det finns miljoner saker jag vill få gjorda inom den närmsta veckan. Men det är lite som att dra av ett plåster; bättre att få allt gjort på en gång än att dra ut på det. Det är en rätt lusig känsla att kliva in i ett rum som varit chokladbrunt i fem år, och så är det plötsligt VITT. Rent, ljust, stort. Lättare att andas. Det blir nog bra det här. Till slut.