Positive Negative


I have a huge quantity of old photo negatives. Loads: boxes and boxes of them. I don’t know what’s in them, really, and they are not in any good order.It would just be nice to see what I have hidden away, have some order and maybe try to date some of the photos. Half of them can probably be tossed away, and the other half needs to be sorted and possibly scanned, but this is one of those projects that need a lot of dark and rainy nights (when you don’t want to go outside and do more interesting things anyway). I always say I’ll start on them, you know, “next fall”, but so far I haven’t. Well, screw it. I might as well start WHENEVER because it’ll take me a lifetime anyway.

If I find any photos that I like, or that I just find interesting for some reason, I might post them here. This is my plan, at least. We’ll see, there are only so many blurry horse photos I will have the determination to go through.

I’ll start with this anyhow: It’s a single frame I found in an old paper bag in a box on a shelf in the realm of My Crap. It happens to be a photo of yours truly. It was taken with my dad’s old manual Pentax in the spring of 1995. I only know this because that was the time we got to take a photography class in school, and I processed the film myself.


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