Do it yourself, bitch

I’m trying to give my stinky old apartment a bit of a touch up. It means the entire place is in utter chaos, of course, like the fact that I have a sink standing in my living room right now. Odd detail in a home, but hopefully it’ll be in place in the bathroom in a couple of days. Although, I’m actually getting used to it… It’s a great place to put stuff that you don’t really know where to place.



The more I think about it, the more flaws I see everywhere. When I initially moved in the redecorating was a big compromise on my part, and not much has been done since then, over five years ago (or is it six?). So, There are things I didn’t like from the start and well, wear and tear has made its mark. It feels like I have a hundred little things to do, but how much fun is it to paint all the window frames? Also, I really need to repaint the bedroom, and the kitchen, and… *sigh* Once it’s all done it’s time to move again. Why is it always like that?

Okay, enough with the whining. I’m rather good at DIY, I just don’t love every aspect of it, and some things just don’t come naturally to me, which is always frustrating of course. And every time I walk into a home depot my little girl heart melts into a grey, droopy blob of anxiety and boredom. Imagine a delicate flower, if you will, wilting in the desert. Or just my head exploding and leaving gory bloody piles in isle 5.