1 person that means a lot to me

This is a part of the 10 Day Challenge List,and I’m very late with this last post, I know, but it was a hard choice. The last subject is “Write about 1 person that means a lot to you”. Yeah, sort of hard to choose. I could write about my dear parents, who has always been there for me and helped and supported me, but it would be hard to choose just one of them. I could of course write about Jed, who makes me smile and laugh and feel happy and loved and creative, and how this last year has just gone by so quickly. And there are a lot of fantastic friends that means the world to me. But, since it is her birthday today, I will write about my friend Sara:

This is my friend Sara. I met her in my early 20’s. The first time I met her I gave her a big hug, which surprised us both.

She’d been studying in another town for a time and met a friend of mine, who never really had his life in order. She moved in with him in an apartment in Stockholm, and that’s where I met her. My first impression of Sara was that she was a person with both feet on the ground, an actual real person, and there was nobody she couldn’t straighten out, even that friend of mine. I felt relieved. Hence the hug.

One of my best memories is that time we spent two hours in a steak house in Riga (Latvia), had meat and beer for lunch and read books. In complete silence. Because we were both reading very good books.

Sara, on the ship, leaving Riga


We do a lot of crafty stuff together, and we share a lot of common interests of course. But the great thing is how we give each other ideas. I might have an idea for a photograph I want to try out, she gets an idea for a sewing project, which leads me to another angle, and so on. It’s very unencumbered and fluent.

It is a rare thing, I think, to find real friendship as an adult. To find companionship and understanding and someone to trust. Sara is a friend who has always stood by me, when times were hard and life just felt so hopeless I didn’t think I could take it any more; without the drama, without the ego trips, without unwritten rules, without asking for anything back. I have always had support. I hope she feels the same.

Happy birthday, Sara. You mean a lot to me!


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