Busy Busy

It’s Tuesday and I’m still completely wrecked from this weekend. It was very busy, these are some of the things we did: Went into town and had coffee and cupcake (hard work), went to an art supply store and got  passepartout paper, picked up some books and a small phrase book at the bookstore, visited my parents and had coffee and a “Semla” (traditional Swedish pastry), borrowed their car, went to IKEA to find a picture frame, disassembled a bookcase at Jed’s place and transported it to my place, reassembled the bookcase, rearranged some furniture, disassembled a big ass monolith bookcase at my place, drove it over to Jed’s, got rid of a couple of garbage bags, recycled a fair amount of glass bottles, drove to Hornbach to find various DIY items, went back to IKEA to get spare parts for the second bookcase, had more coffee, and left with a small table, a sink and a bathroom cupboard. Went back to Jed’s to reassemble the big ass monolith bookcase, I made dinner while Jed put all his belongings back in order and then we collapsed on the couch.

Last night Jed brought his power tools (harr harr) and we but some legs on one of the smaller bookcases, put up some hooks, assembled a small table to put my scanner on. All in all, things are coming together very well, but I still have too much stuff. I had a big purge last year, but obviously it’s time for another one. What’s the point with having a basement full of crap you never use?

As I left for work this morning, muscles aching but with an overall feeling of accomplishment, I realised I haven’t really sat down to play a game IN WEEKS. That’s when I know I’ve kept myself busy.