This week could not have been over any quicker. TGIF and all that. So much turbulence this week, the work load at my job has been so high and scattered my brain is boiling. Plus a crazy amount of drama; people seem to be in a bad mood and there are silly intrigues and backstabbing that really is just unsuitable in the work place. Plus, completely pointless. It’s like peeing in your own bath water. It spreads out, but it affects you as well. I try to keep my head down and get on with my work. I better things to do, after all.

Meanwhile there are a lot of people leaving, and it was time to order more cakes. “How many should we order?”, asks the responsible cake-ordering individual. “How about eight!”, we all say, for a laugh, because a few weeks ago there were three people from three different departments who all quit at the same time, and in the end all the cakes ended up down in our tiny kitchen, eight of them, and there were was cake for days. But then today eight boxes of cake turn up! Suddenly it all got very serious. It was Cake Eating time.

There were many unopened boxes of cake in the kitchen for a long time. It felt completely Schrödinger / Portal: What did the cakes look like? Were there even cake in the boxes? We wouldn’t know until we opened them. There might just be dead cake! Who knows? The cake is a lie!


Schrodinger Cake is delicious.