2 Things I Wish I could Do

This is a part of the 10 Day Challenge List,  which is almost over, and this is about two things I wish I could do.

This is an incredibly wide subject. Well, they have all been like that, but this one feels tricky. Do I go for the childhood-like dreams like “fly” or “go to the moon” (who wouldn’t wish they could do that?) or things that has always been personally unattainable, the things that will never be? I could risk to indulge a bit in being emo and go for the delicate mistakes, or the “I wish I could believe I could do anything well”, or “I wish I could trust people”, but hell, that’s been done, and it feels a bit to depressing. I guess I’ll just wing it. As usual. (… “I wish I could write something with a purpose”?).

Day 9: Write 2 things you wish you could do
  1. I wish I could play the piano flawlessly. I love music; I’ve played many instruments and have been singing all my life. Music has an ability to let you feel a bit lost from the world and all its troubles for a while. It’s easy to immerse yourself in. It connects. Being able to sit by a piano and just play a piece and almost forgetting it’s actually my own fingers dancing over the keys is one of the greatest feelings, and I regret having lost that ability.
  2. I wish I could make a living from doing something creative. I feel it’s not enough having hobbies. I want more.


10 Day Challenge List

3 Replies to “2 Things I Wish I could Do”

  1. This is pretty much what I want too.
    I used to play the piano, for 3 years, not great, but I was going places. And then it stopped. 🙁
    And the thing about hobbies. You know, as much time as I spend on Twitter and surfing the web, posting, commenting etc. Why the hell isn’t that a full time job?! Also, I need more time for my games. See, now it’s late again and I still have to take a shower, but this is life, trying to make every single minute count. It’s exhausting.

    1. @Lania: I feel the same way. I was actually getting pretty good. I took lessons for about 6 years I think. I regret giving it up. But I actually bought a digital piano last year, so I’m hoping I’ll get time to start practicing again =)

      I know, I’m getting more and more aware that things should count. I find it hard to do absolutely nothing, anymore !

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