Steamy Greenhouses

Me, Malin and her friend Anders went on a little day trip to the Butterfly House in Stockholm. I’d just like to start with saying that I DID get some shots in the end, but this was way too funny not to write about, so I’ll do this post first.

You know when you have one of those days when you simply are not centred or focused enough to hardly even say a proper sentence? Everything just goes a bit wonky. This was one of these days.

I’m just glad I didn’t forget my camera. Observe:

I take the tube and the commute train from one end of the town to the other, to meet up with Malin and Anders. I get off at the wrong station. Not to early, two stations to late. And I call Malin, and ask here they are, and well, they are in another part of town. So I take the train back, two stops.

We arrive at the destination about an hour later than planned. It’s -10 Celsius,  but we all bring out our cameras and start taking pictures of the houses and landscapes around the green houses. I’m so distracted by the surroundings that I walk right into Malin as she is taking a picture and almost make her fall over. Doh.

Well, we enter the greenhouses; they have built a tiny simulated rain forest for the butterflies to live in. Our cameras, of course, steam up like crazy. This is how it looked for about 40 minutes:

Dooooh, we can't see anything!

It took quite some time before the lenses cleared up. I started to think I wouldn’t get one shot that day that didn’t look like this:

Very soft and romantic focus.

Free awesome effect when bring you camera in from freezing winter to the fake Amazon jungle. Not that I plan on keeping to keep many of the first, say, 100 photos, but I guess one could always tweak them in Photoshop or Lightroom. How about this fish tail? Maybe make it black and white? Maybe make it a bit lomotastic?

Well. That was that. I’ll do a post with some of the less steamy (Oh la la) pictures later on 🙂

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