Photo Theme #65: Horror

This is a part of the 100 Themes project (read more about it in this post), and this theme happened to coincide beautifully with this weeks theme on Fotosöndag (a Swedish group on Flickr). Here is my take on:

You Wont Take Me Alive


I didn’t want to go for the horror film genre, with blood and guts and the like (although one day I will get the props and take some gruesome photos, that would be fun), so instead I opted for the emotion of horror.

I wanted a sterile, desaturated background, with the pose of the women and the red shoes in focus. Is she trying to crawl in to the oven, or is she being sucked in?


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3 Replies to “Photo Theme #65: Horror”

  1. Beautiful!

    The low viewpoint is really strong. And the disturbing contrast between the story and the cold detachment in the beauty of it.

    1. @Dea: Aw, thank you, Dea dear! It was a lot of fun to do it, but my knees were in pain for days after *L*I’m glad you like it!

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