3 Things That Annoys Me

This is a part of the 10 Day Challenge List, and this is the list with things that annoys me. Gee, only three things?

Day 8: Write 3 things that annoys you
  1. Asshats that don’t recognise that people around them are actual people, not puppet and pawns in that asshats’s life. Examples: The train is full of people going to work, and the asshat (Der Asshatten in German) punches his or her way through the crowd, shoving their bag in everyone else’s head or pushing their shoulders, because, what does other people matter? Or the sort of asshats that expects you to drop everything and just focus on them and help them out with THEIR life, and then gets angry when it turns out you actually have a life of your own. “I’ve decided you have to do this for me on Thuesday.” “Can’t, I have other plans that day.” “What?! Really?! Hmpf.”

  2. Repetitions. Seriously, life is too short. If you have a favourite anecdote you always tell everybody, all the time, and you have told me SEVERAL TIMES, please keep track of that. Or is it just hard to remember that you had this conversation with me 10 times before? At least have the courtesy to say “Stop me if you’ve heard this before” and then stop when I say I have.

  3. People that ALWAYS have to be right. About the fricking smallest most inane things. Pointing out obvious mistakes and making it into a “I know better than you” issue. You win, ok? I don’t really CARE about the correct way to describe something I really have no interest in. Some things simply don’t matter that much, it’s just ordinary effing conversation; let’s keep that going instead of ending up in some loop about the accurate percentage of the ingredients in mayonnaise. And DON’T, for the love of everything, bring it up one year later when you have googled the right answer. And, sometimes it’s actually me that’s right. Don’t spend a year trying to undermine me by trying to find obscure and weak counter-arguments.

10 Day Challenge List

(I found this list in a Swedish version at Anna’s)