Snow For Sale

Anybody want to buy some snow? We have loads here in Stockholm. We don’t want it anymore. Cheap cheap for you if quick deal! You can have the ugly statue in the background too!

"For Sale"

2 Replies to “Snow For Sale”

  1. Hey, I recognize that sculpture thing! 😀

    Somehow it’s always nice to spot familiar things in other people’s images – I guess it triggers some feelings of belonging. Common ground. And I agree with you that we’ve had quite enough of snow. No need for more. Although… I still haven’t made much out of it from a photography point of view, so I think I actually appreciate it sticking around. 🙂

    1. @Mia*: Hehe, yeah, that sculpture thing is rather distinguishable, =) It IS nice to spot the familiar in other peoples pictures. I mean imagine looking at someone’s pics from when they went on a safari in Africa and discover that they visited the same camping places as you, seeing that same tree where you hung your clothes to dry. (I know I get all excited when I see someone else’s photos from the big square in Siena).

      Ok, let’s grant us two more weekend of fantastic winter weather, but then I want to step on left-over gravel on dry tarmac roads and hear the birds sing!

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