6 Things I Dream About

This is a part of the 10 Day Challenge List, and I am to list things I dream about. It could either be the things I dream at night, which feels way to complex to describe here, OR it’s very close to Day 2: 9 Things You Would Like To Do in Your Life, so I’m changing this to the dream of the UMPOSSIBLE, the things I daydream bout:

Day 5: Write 6 things you DAYdream about
  1. Winning a grotesque amount of money, and thereafter quit my job, take Jed, my family and friends on many trips, pay off my parents mortgage, pay off my student loans, buy my dream house, with a writing cabin with an ocean view, buying an awesome DSLR camera and building a photography studio. You know, the usual “If I won a million dollar” drill.
  2. Taking a year of absence from work and sell everything I have and just travel around the world experiencing new cultures. Of course I would bring my camera and document it and then publish a book about it that would be very popular.
  3. Being a published author, being interview in my garden at my secluded house. I would bake amazing cookies for the journalist. In fact, I’m probably being interviewed about my next cookbook.
  4. Redecorating my entire apartment. Yeah, I know, it doesn’t sound that UMPOSSIBLE, but it’ll never happen. It’s easier to just move. Preferably to a place that someone else already decorated.
  5. Hm, the things I daydream about when people shoves me around on the bus on the way to work is better left out.
  6. Suddenly being a VERY skilled photograph with a Hasselblad, and being on my way to London to display my pictures at a gallery. The gallery is even paying for the ticket and the hotel room. I’m THAT good. And I drink champagne on the plane. And in the gallery. Hm. Maybe this star photographer alter ego is a bit of a booze hound.

10 Day Challenge List

(I found this list in a Swedish version at Anna’s)

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    1. Oh that’s RIGHT, I actually know an expert! *cat grin* Well, I have to get rid of all my bookcases first, you don’t happen to know some poor bookish student who wants some for free?

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