7 Things I’m Scared of

This is a part of the 10 Day Challenge List, and this time I have to list things I’m scrared of. Way too easy. Phobic, anyone? Let’s bask in the gangrene light that is my irrational phobias:

Day 4: Write 7 things you are scared of
  1. Chemicals. Ever since I was a kid. Detergents, chem class in school, soldering oil, dark room chemicals…
  2. Sharks. I’ve never actually been in the water with one or known anyone that has. They just freak me the hell out. Awful, awful creatures.
  3. The Dentist. I can’t deal with it. If I was rich I would visit the dentist regularly, because then I could FRIKKIN’ PAY THEM TO SEDATE ME.
  4. Needles. Even a blood test makes me cry. I’m a woss.
  5. Fish scales.Uhm. Don’t even ask… Ew!
  6. Flying. Not all of it or the entire trip. Just at the start. I always think we will crash and die at lift off.
  7. Death. Well, this at least doesn’t feel all that irrational.

10 Day Challenge List

(I found this list in a Swedish version at Anna’s)

2 Replies to “7 Things I’m Scared of”

    1. @Lania: Ja, inte fick man plats med allt man var rädd för inte, tror inte jag fick med en massa ganska stora rädslor, jag skrev rätt mycket på känn. Min enorma förlossningsskräck till exempel, som jag missade. Eller rädslan för att bli bedragen och övergiven. Ushans!

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